mobile cloud computing 300x162 Top 5 Predictions for Mobile Cloud Computing

A recent survey was made by Cisco IBSG (Internet Business Solutions Group) on the impact mobile cloud computing will have on businesses this coming 2012. The survey was conducted over 1,000 respondents from various businesses and the results were very interesting.

The top 5 predictions from Cicsco IBSG was released via a cloud computing infographic to help users to better understand what mobile cloud is all about. Here, are the following predictions they made:

  1. Video Conferencing via Mobile Applications will be Common for the Workplace – More people will find video conferencing via their mobile phones very convenient for the virtual workplace. This platform is run with the use of a desktop webcam, telepresence station or simply a mobile device unit. To date, only 20% are ready to maximize this cloud feature, but by the end of 2012 the prediction said that more people will make the most of this cloud application.
  2. Unified Cloud Solutions will be the Demand for most Businesses – Businesses will be more apt to use different gadgets including mobile phones, so the demand for integration and unified cloud solutions will be the trend. Users will want a seamless transfer of files and even calls from a mobile phone to an office work phone.
  3. Mobile Phones will be an Active Extension for Desktops – Many users will clamor for virtual desktop integration (VDI) Users will demand the same desktop experience and performance on their mobile phones. This will provide users the flexibility and mobility they need plus it will make the business more productive.
  4. Personal and Professional Limitations will Haze – The mobile cloud will make work and social life more meaningful as the Internet access through mobile cloud becomes accessible and secure, which will make business more fruitful and personal life in a state of balance.
  5. Thin Client and Mobile Devices will be the Trend for 2012 – Use of device will shift away from the smartphone as data and files are stored in the cloud. The security issue will be managed through a thin- client approach, so that when devices are stolen the risk of losing the data can be managed as well.
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