What You Shouldn’t Miss at SXSW – 6 Major Trends

Scheduled March 8-12, the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festivalwill feature five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology, scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders, the SXSW Trade Show and an unbeatable lineup [...]

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The Most Secure VPN to the Cloud

Most corporations subscribe and work through computer networks in order for their day-to-day operations to be accomplished. It is also a fact that the internet is widely patronized for research and even communications.

However, the internet is [...]

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Hacked through the Clouds

A series of cyber-assaults have recently targeted various banks all over the United States. A type of malware dubbed ‘itsokaynoproblembro’ or Brobot has reportedly been in action for a number of years, operating under the radar of various anti-virus programs. However, it is only recently that [...]

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Fears of Government and Legal Intervention Slows Cloud Adoption

Security and compliance concerns are still major stumbling blocks to cloud adoption. According to a study by security firm Lieberman Software, nearly 48% of members of teams in business fear of government and legal interference before putting sensitive data in [...]

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IBM Extends Support of Enterprise Apps with its Public SmartCloud

IBM announced a new version of its public cloud, which has more support and services for managing enterprise applications in the cloud, such as SAP in particular.

According to IBM, the main reason why large companies are reluctant to use [...]

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DNA – The New Big Data Storage Solution of the 21st Century?

Scientists are constantly looking for alternative methods of storing information that will ensure long-term preservation of data at low cost and operating cost. Hitachi has discovered a new technologycapable of recording and reproducing digital data using quartz [...]

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Ovum Study: The Market for Mobile Business Intelligence is Maturing

The performance and power of mobile phones, along with the development of the infrastructure has made the business intelligence on mobile phones (which has been called Business intelligence on-the-go) a reality.

Until recently, mobile BI solutions suffer from a [...]

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Is Google Docs Making Microsoft Word Redundant?

Let’s get this out of the way first: MS Word is deservingly one of the best word processors in the industry, with decades of upgrade cycles full of improvements and new features under its belt, it’s become so entrenched in the industry that [...]

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How Cloud Computing Will Affect Healthcare in 2013

Data privacy and security are two of the main reasons why healthcare takes the slow route towards the adoption of new technologies. Experts believe that by 2017, the healthcare cloud computing market will be worth $5.4 billion. With cloud computing, different doctors [...]

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Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT – Balancing Business Self-Service and IT Control

The Cloud Data Management Imperative

It’s no longer a question of if your company will be adopting cloud-based solutions, but when and how many. Gartner predicts worldwide software as a service (SaaS) application revenue will reach $22.1 billion [...]

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The True Business Value of Big Data

According to a lot of experts and IT managers, while big data holds a lot of promise and potential, the main concern with the collection of massive volumes of data from various sources is how to use it for new business purposes.

IT [...]

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The CloudTimes Year in Review – And 2013 Cloud Predictions

2012 was very big year for social media, with many of the industry leaders gaining a much more solid and larger foothold in the market, as well as being more ingrained in the mainstream culture. Facebook in particular, has proven [...]

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Dell Announces Initiative to Boost the Growth of SMEs

Dell announced a renewed commitment to accelerate the growth of small and medium enterprises with scalable technology solutions, resources for entrepreneurs, and a new partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative designed for the next generation of entrepreneurs at Dell World [...]

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Forrester – Cloud Predictions for 2013

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, there is one key takeaway from the cloud computing industry: enterprise use has finally arrived. The use of Cloud Computing is no longer hidden from plain sight and IT departments are now very upfront about [...]

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Rackspace Helps UK Startups With Cloud Resource Program

In an effort to boost UK as a startup hotspot, Rackspace has announced that it will provide selected business startups to be beneficiaries of £12,000 worth of cloud resources (similar to their activities in the US). Through the Rackspace [...]

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Forrester: IT Operations Managers Must Rethink Their Approach to Private Cloud


Forrester recently surveyed 205 infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives and found that while firms prioritize improved virtualization and have ambitions for internal infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), or private cloud, they lack sufficient virtualization maturity practices. The survey asked about current [...]

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