Cyberwar fundamentally changes how government must handle security. Faced with increasingly sophisticated attacks from gangs of cyber criminals and foreign governments probing systems for sensitive data, threats frequently go undetected for days, weeks, and even months. And it’s not just financial data being stolen. Terrorists and rogue governments may steal confidential data, [...]

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Tagattitude Introduces Mobile Banking for Rural Areas

At a recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, the old and obsolete Nokia mobile phone took center stage. A small French firm explained that this type of cellular phone is being used for Continue Reading

What You Shouldn’t Miss at SXSW – 6 Major Trends

Scheduled March 8-12, the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festivalwill feature five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology, scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders, the SXSW Trade Show and an unbeatable lineup [...]

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IDC claims that “development and test databases remain an area of astonishing waste in terms of both storage and staffing costs at many organizations.”

Database copies fulfill requirements across the application development lifecycle, data warehousing and reporting needs. These full copies of production databases often consume far more storage and require resources to [...]

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The Most Secure VPN to the Cloud

Most corporations subscribe and work through computer networks in order for their day-to-day operations to be accomplished. It is also a fact that the internet is widely patronized for research and even communications.

However, the internet is [...]

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Hacked through the Clouds

A series of cyber-assaults have recently targeted various banks all over the United States. A type of malware dubbed ‘itsokaynoproblembro’ or Brobot has reportedly been in action for a number of years, operating under the radar of various anti-virus programs. However, it is only recently that [...]

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Securing the Cloud

On February 20, 2013 By

Cloud computing has become another key resource for IT deployments, but there is still fear of securing applications and data in the cloud. These concerns include authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) services; encryption; storage; security breaches; regulatory compliance; location of data and users; and other risks associated with isolating sensitive corporate data. Add [...]

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CloudTimes is proud to announce a media partnership with the Launch Festival, at the San Francisco Design Center Concourse, 635 8th St in San Francisco, from March 4th – 6th, 2013. The 2013 LAUNCH Festival is the best place to launch startups, raise money and learn about starting a company.


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Fears of Government and Legal Intervention Slows Cloud Adoption

Security and compliance concerns are still major stumbling blocks to cloud adoption. According to a study by security firm Lieberman Software, nearly 48% of members of teams in business fear of government and legal interference before putting sensitive data in [...]

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Moving data to the cloud can break through barriers in time and place, allowing workers to get to information faster and more easily than ever. But the right approach is critical. To get the best returns on your cloud investments, your enterprise must effectively manage data, as well as integrate it with [...]

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IBM Extends Support of Enterprise Apps with its Public SmartCloud

IBM announced a new version of its public cloud, which has more support and services for managing enterprise applications in the cloud, such as SAP in particular.

According to IBM, the main reason why large companies are reluctant to use [...]

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With over 6000 apps industry professionals & developers already registered, the global multi-platform Apps World opens on 7-8 February this week. CloudTimes is proud to be a media sponsor for this year’s App World Conference.

Taking over the iconic Moscone Center West on Thursday and Friday, Apps World will deliver [...]

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DNA – The New Big Data Storage Solution of the 21st Century?

Scientists are constantly looking for alternative methods of storing information that will ensure long-term preservation of data at low cost and operating cost. Hitachi has discovered a new technologycapable of recording and reproducing digital data using quartz [...]

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Has your Enterprise made the strategic decision to consolidate remote site IT infrastructure into central data centers? Then you have probably discovered that consolidation projects are fraught with technical, organization, and implementation challenges that require a well thought-out strategy. Download this paper by Riverbed and discover a clear 5-step approach to [...]

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For many organizations, a hybrid cloud architecture is the best way to take advantage of the benefits of public cloud computing resources without compromising on security or operational control. And yet the challenges and concerns over how to integrate with cloud environments and maintain control over security and performance continue to inhibit [...]

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Ovum Study: The Market for Mobile Business Intelligence is Maturing

The performance and power of mobile phones, along with the development of the infrastructure has made the business intelligence on mobile phones (which has been called Business intelligence on-the-go) a reality.

Until recently, mobile BI solutions suffer from a [...]

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