The Cloud Business Case: Are Expected Cost Savings Realistic?

According to Claranet Product Director Martin Saunders, cloud computing is not a cheaper alternative to on-premise server. However, cloud computing services do make up for that disadvantage. According to Saunders, [...]

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Report: Big Data Needs Broad Strategies for Public Sector Adoption

Division of Big Data Commission organization TechAmerica Foundation released a report “Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide To Transforming The Business of Government,” which provides an analysis of the major trends in the segment processing systems of large [...]

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Top 10 Cloud Concerns – Study

The findings of a survey conducted jointly by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA show that government regulations, exit strategies and international data privacy dominate the top 10 areas where trust in the cloud is the lowest.

Studying Cloud Market Maturity conducted [...]

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How To Counter Threats Of Cloud Computing

Phishing is a popular scam to bait internet users into providing private information. It usually acquires information for the purpose of identity theft. A “phisher” usually sends emails to various individuals and claims to be a legitimate entity. People are duped into providing [...]

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Netflix’s Move to the Cloud and its Risks

Netflix is one of the examples that public cloud based services will serve as the driving force in the transformation of in-house IT operations.

Netflix has decided that they no longer need an on-premise datacenter to support their in-house corporate IT services, [...]

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Join Us at Global Mobile Internet Conference: Silicon Valley

Save the date! Great Wall Club is organizing the Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley (GMIC SV) this October 19-20.

The Global Mobile Internet Conference is Asia’s most influential mobile internet conference. For the first time ever, the conference is coming to Silicon Valley.

The event is themed [...]

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News Digest September 9, 2012

On September 10, 2012 By

Can Cloud Computing Stop Software Piracy?

With the influx of software applications using the Software-as-a-Service model, experts claim that software piracy will eventually be eliminated. However, some pessimists are claiming that users will just find ways to circumvent everything so that they won’t pay for software use. The Continue Reading

SpiderOak and the Blue Private Cloud

Online storage provider SpiderOak has recently started offering enterprises a way to use their cloud sync, backup, and sharing service from behind the safety of a firewall via an enterprise-targeted service dubbed the Blue Private Cloud.

SpiderOak originally launched in 2007 as a clout storage [...]

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DNA: The Future of Big Data Storage

Scientists at Harvard University have shown that a single DNA molecule can be written 643 KB of data, which means that one cubic millimeter of DNA can store 5.5 petabit, or about 70 billion books, and four grams of DNA may contain all [...]

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Trouble Ahead For Cloud Computing Stocks

Groupon, Facebook, and Zynga are currently having difficulties since their initial public offerings. Their losses can go as much as 70%. Currently, public cloud computing companies are not affected. This is primarily because companies like NetSuite and [...]

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Why Google and Amazon Don’t Offer Private Cloud Services

The term cloud computing immediately evokes services that high profile companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Rackspace or offer to their customers. This is what we call the public cloud, allowing you to rent computing capacity and storage, and [...]

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Microsoft’s First Loss

Microsoft recently reported a $492 million loss for its 4th quarter ending June 30. The loss is inclusive of a previously announced $6.19 billion write down for its ailing online services division. This loss is considered as Microsoft’s first ever loss as a public company in its [...]

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Dell is Facing Challenges in the Cloud

The schedule announced last year by Dell regarding their plans to launch Cloud-based app services was deemed too aggressive by experts, and right now it looks like said experts were right, as Dell is encountering [...]

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Greenpeace vs. Apple Cloud: Commitment to the Green Cloud

IT giant Apple has recently come under fire for failing to fulfill its commitment to promote green practices in cloud computing, judging by the company’s decision to stop submitting their products to the Electronic [...]

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The recent outage with Amazon Web Services, which resulted in several high profile sites like Pinterest, Netflix, and Instagram going down as well, is a reality check for the industry. It’s true that the cloud computing industry is building up a lot of momentum these [...]

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The Future of Cloud Adoption

Public cloud computing is one of the biggest factors that speed up the pace of changes that occur in enterprise software these days. Newcomers in the market are constantly launching innovations that [...]

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