Cloud computing technology is one of the most significant, and most disruptive technologies that have sprung up in the past few decades, as it managed to redefine what is possible and how much said possibility costs. It is largely responsible for a lot of companies that didn’t have the budget for entire [...]

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Is Tumblr to Yahoo as YouTube is to Google?

And so it came to be, Yahoo now owns the ultra hip social networking site Tumblr making David Karp one of, if not, the most successful high school drop out in the history of civilization.

Some analysts see very little to [...]

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Google Release a Major Upgrade of Google Maps

Google Maps is, perhaps, one of its most influential and groundbreaking services developed by Google.  It’s up there with search and email. Suddenly, the world knew where to go without having to roll up their window to ask someone for direction.

In [...]

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VMware has introduced vCloud Hybrid Service, a cloud infrastructure as a service that provides customers with a common platform to extend their datacenter to the cloud. The Hybrid service is operated and supported by VMware and built on our vSphere and vCloud platforms.

The hybrid vCloud Service should enable VMware customers [...]

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by Andi Mann

Despite the inclination to wait until all of the cloud’s kinks have been worked out, holding off on cloud initiatives until the industry matures won’t guarantee success. The fact is, the greater an organization’s experience with cloud, the greater the benefits. This is one of the key findings in [...]

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Enterprise Startups SDN Market Reaches $4 Billion

Software-defined networking (SDN) changes the way companies build their IT networks. Instead of buying expensive routers and switches with a lot of fancy features from the likes of Cisco, companies can buy simpler, cheaper hardware, and less of it, and those fancy features [...]

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IDC Estimates Global Market for SDN to Reach $50 Billion by 2017

According to IDC, in 2013 the global market volume of the software defined network (SDN) market and enterprise networking will reach $42.4 billion, and will reach $50 billion, with growth across [...]

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According to IDC, in 2013 the global volume of the enterprise networking market (which includes software defined networks (SDN)) will reach $42.4 billion, and will reach $50 billion, with growth across all categories, by 2017.

The volume of the Layer 2-3 switch market segment of the market [...]

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The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) is developing a unified vision for cloud requirements – particularly focused on open, interoperable solutions for secure cloud federation, automation of cloud infrastructure, common management, and transparency of cloud service delivery.

As in previous years, CloudTimes is proud to announce to be a [...]

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Yahoo Rediscovers Mobile – Will it Work This Time?

With Yahoo’s new plan to focus on mobile, we can expect the company to close some of its online services like the local events calendar and a coupon site as told [...]

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RightScale Sees Increase in Multi-Cloud Use and Adoption

Cloud computing is catching on in business, but not all alike, as recent reports say. For example, the firm RightScale that mediates between users and public cloud services announced the latest analysis on the issue and found that 75 percent of [...]

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by Erik Grueter

Cloud computing is set for a number of big shakeups this year. The big story is in the effect these changes will have on smaller businesses. Public clouds that can be accessed cheaply and without a big IT overhead are likely to be chosen by small, developer friendly companies. [...]

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Oracle Introduces Big Data Appliance Applications

Available this May, Oracle has announced the release of new applications which will put the company in close competition with SAP. Taking advantage of in-memory computing, applications available next month include Oracle [...]

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What’s Next for Facebook?

Facebook seems to have two different timeline layouts now. My professional FB account has all the updates on the right and the basic info on the left. My personal account still uses the very controversial two column timeline. I am not sure what exactly is going [...]

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by Jim Morin

Software-defined networking (SDN) is getting a lot of publicity as the latest technology for intelligent networking. With SDN poised to have a major impact on the future of networking, there are specific measures that can be taken today to get a better connection to the cloud.

You can achieve [...]

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Twitter Enhances Its Cards Feature to Support Mobile Apps

In a recent gathering of developers, Twitter announced its updated iPhone and Android applications which will support its newly launched Twitter Cards. The cards introduce new contents like photo galleries, product information, applications which can be contained in expanded tweets. Aside [...]

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