IBM is Betting Big on its Mobile Strategy with MobileFirst

The Big Blue Company gave a big boost to its strategy of market penetration of services and solutions for managing mobile fleets (Mobile Device Management). The group plans to expand its range of solutions management and security of mobile devices and services BYOD.

As part of the strategy, IBM announced MobileFirst, a new brand that identifies products and services for the mobility at a professional level. IBM wants to help businesses to engage in mobility by offering a range of products and services together under the brand MobileFirst. The goal is to help its business customers to increase their income and become more competitive through the development of mobile applications. The solution could benefit such as banks and e-commerce sites and give a new value to the expensive infrastructure.

MobileFirst, a catalog of applications to reduce operational costs, increases productivity or manages the internal operations of the company (e.g. Test Workbench enables you to develop tests performance for managing equipment). IBM has also provided tools and advice to clients who want to develop their own applications.

Through the MobileFirst Security program, IBM offers various safety functions such as access control and testing of mobile application vulnerability. The MobileFirst Management is a new update to IBM Endpoint Manager enables companies to better manage programs in terms of BYOD. The project also includes the development tools that would enable the companies to create applications internally sewn around the needs of the staff. In addition, safety standards have been enhanced to meet the needs of governments and regulated environments.

Mobile is the next big growth play that IBM is going after. Recent Berg Insight report reveals that mobile applications will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% between 2012 and 2017. The company intends to use a variety of technological tools, accumulated through a dozen acquisitions of other companies since 2006, to offer products and services dedicated to business customers who require support in mobile computing, and would have a global research and development team of 160 people dedicated to mobile technology.

In addition to products, IBM also offers new services designed to help clients develop and implement their mobile strategy. So with IBM MobileFirst Strategy and Design Services, users with the help of IBM can plan how their business will enter the world of mobile work.

MobileFirst will put IBM in direct competition with other major suppliers such as SAP, but also with small suppliers such as Appcelerator, Accenture and other providers.

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