cisco logo 300x200 Cisco Prediction over Cloud PerformanceCisco had seen the unwavering huge effect of acceleration services in the improvement of cloud performance such as Saas and other cloud-based applications. Their Virtual Network Index (VNI) report had consistently showed the dramatic increase in cloud network usage. This was also confirmed in the study made by quantum and cosmos mechanics on the telecommunications industry.

The VNI reports have been consistently monitored by the IT Business Edge, which gives Cisco’s assessment of the cloud performance of great relevance. Cisco stated that the global cloud is projected to have an increase by 66% compounded growth rate per year; this is through a factor rate of 12 by 2015. The same study also announced that department traffic is expected to move to 1.6 zettabytes from 130 exabytes before the study period ends.

The study’s press release defined the cloud as an important component of the data center. In the same report it identified internal housekeeping as the source of the continuous growth in any business. The need for huge data center is actually not dictated by end users, but by the data centers and cloud platform themselves. This is shown by the data center traffic that is controlled by cloud activities like backup and replication activities.

Cisco projects that by 2015, a huge 76% of data storage traffic will be retained within the data center as a result of continuous workload migration, virtual machine virtualization and real-time tasks operation take place. Only 17% of the data center traffic will depart from the data storage center as it is delivered to the consumers. Then only 7% of cloud traffic will be generated through activities within and between data centers such as data replication, updating and cloud-bursting.

Other huge number projections are included in the press release, but it is expected that Cisco will be a bit broadminded with the figures since they are in the race for the top spot.  Cisco is currently putting more investment money on the cloud, proof of which is its spinoff with Agari’s Email Trust Fabric. This move is over and above its selling point with exabytes and other network and data center equipments. Using these circumstances as the basis, it is safe to say that Cisco gathers a solid basis for its assumptions and predictions.

The statement that huge data centers control the cloud trend is true it is, however, lacking in data. This is because there are also effects generated from consumer’s end that demand data center storage. PC World, another authority in cloud computing cited five drivers of the cloud trend. One of them included mobility; according to PC World it got to the list because of the crucial role of connectivity in terms of the work place requirements. A company’s productivity is highly dependent with high speed connectivity that can handle data streaming and file sharing effectively and efficiently.

Over and above these projections and speculations the key factors that affect cloud data sharing in IT and telecommunications remain to be machine-to-machine (M2M), peer-to-peer (P2P), file, video and other sharing facilities. This trend of data storage growth according to Cisco is nowhere to go but to accelerate in the coming years and decade ahead.

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