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  • WWDC: Apple Signs Deals With Record Labels for New iCloud Service

    The Apple Worldwide Developer conference (WWDC) will kick off next Monday morning with keynote from CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs is expected to introduce the next version of iOS and OS X and a new service called iCloud.

    iCloud is said to be a revamp of Apple’s MobileMe storage and is likely a remote iTunes […]

  • Music in the Cloud: Battleground for Cloud Computing Technology

    Cloud-based computing is shaping up to be a major battleground.

    In line with the growth of cloud storage options, technology is getting closer to the mainstream. This is creating confusion due to a wide array of choices, and the lack of mainstream education about the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.

    According to some […]

  • GoGrid Executives To Present at Cloud Expo

    GoGrid Executive Chairman John Keagy along with CMO Jeffrey Samuels will be presenting at this year’s International Cloud Expo.

    On Wednesday June 8, Keagy will present “The Economics of Public Cloud Computing” where he explains the three major reasons why the public clouds offer improvements of economics, which translates into paying for only what […]

  • IBM Announces SmartCloud For Education

    IBM announced yesterday as set of cloud services and offerings, called SmartCloud, to students and researchers at schools, colleges and universities.

    By using SmartCloud, educational institutions will be able to leverage predictive analytics to get real-time insight on the performance of students. Schools can analyze their own data using tools running in the cloud […]

  • Google Apps Integrator Cloud Sherpas buys Omnetic

    Cloud Sherpas, a large reseller and integrator of Google Apps, has acquired Omnetic, a San Francisco-based integrator.

    The acquisition highlights how the Google Apps ecosystem is growing. With Omnetic, Cloud Sherpas will have more Google Apps deployment specialists than any company outside of the search giant.

    “This is a decisive move by Cloud Sherpas […]

  • Revenues from Mobile Cloud Computing Exceed Expectations

    Both cloud and mobile computing create a major impact in businesses these days. Each of them appears as a major source of revenue for market vendors who wish to capitalize on products that are popular among users. But, the numbers game states that mobile computing gets all the money and only 1 to 2 […]

  • Social Cloud: Social Networks and Cloud Computing Connections

    Millions of people are connected to the Internet and a lot of those people are connected on social networking sites.

    Social networks have become an excellent platform for sharing and communication that reflects real world relationships.  Social networking plays a major part in the everyday lives of many people. Facebook is one […]

  • Amazon AWS vs. Microsoft Azure Part 1

    In today’s cloud computing services market, the biggest and the best providers are slugging it out for higher market share and revenue.  Being a utility service, the service quality is what matters  In this two part series, we would check out the two of the biggest names in cloud computing arena, the established leader […]

  • Apple to Introduce iCloud on June 6th

    Apple announced today to introduce its new Cloud Service Offering iCloud on June 6th. If you look at the current URL, you will see that it is currently used by Xcerion’s CloudMe software and sitting on some prime real estate.

    In a short release, Apple confirmed the launch and […]

  • Mobile Cloud Computing Review

    Mobile cloud computing is gaining stream.  According to the latest study from Juniper Research, the number of mobile cloud computing subscribers is expected to grow rapidly in the next five years. Cloud-based mobile market will generate annual revenue of $9.5 billion in 2014 from $400 million in 2009, at an average annual increase of […]

  • Apple Cloud-Based Music Service Will Mirror Your iTunes Library

    Apple’s plan to launch a new streaming music service has created a massive amount of speculation. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple’s upcoming cloud music service will have the ability to scan your hard drive and then mirror the users’ music […]

  • Project Olympus a Cloud IaaS Solution by Citrix to be Open Source

    “Project Olympus” is going to be launched soon by Citrix. This platform hopes to help businesses build an infrastructure for private cloud computing using their own firewall even while running a service provider on a public cloud. This announcement was made in the Citrix Synergy 2011 held last week at San Francisco. […]

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