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  • Trend Micro Releases New Survey on Cloud Security

    The new survey from Trend Micro focused on large companies of 500 or more employees using cloud services. The survey revealed that although more enterprises are moving the cloud quickly, the Cloud is not secure with 43% of respondents currently using a cloud computing service have experienced a data security lapse or issue within […]

  • ZL Technologies Delivers SaaS with SunGard Cloud Platform

    ZL Technologies is moving its enterprise software applications to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model using Enterprise Cloud Services from SunGard Availability Services.

    By moving to a cloud-based, multi-tenant platform, ZL is breaking a major price barrier and reshaping the economics of enterprise records management, archiving, and e-discovery enterprise applications.

    SunGard Availability […]

  • Opscode Hosted Chef Now Available

    Opscode, the leading player in cloud automation sector, announced today at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, the general availability of Hosted Chef, its hosted platform to automate cloud infrastructure. Hosted Chef was released with new features which include “Quickstarts” that automate the deployments of Java Tomcat and Ruby on Rails for the […]

  • NCR Joins the Cloud Bandwagon

    NCR Corporation, a leading technology and solutions provider for the retail and financial services industry, is the newest entrant in the growing cloud computing market.

    NCR recently launched their new cloud hosting service, by the name of NCR Hosting Services, which would enables cloud providers’ to gain access to their IT and service […]

  • Driving Productivity with Desktop Virtualization

    Today’s IT departments have smaller staffs, tighter budgets, and an increasingly complex installed base composed of aging PCs with outdated operating systems (OSs). Many are struggling just to keep things running, let alone making the desktop environment better for users. Vendors have long  promised harried IT managers that thin clients and virtual computing could […]

  • Analyst Industry Report Highlights Microsoft and Apple

    World Street Fundamentals released today its industry report which highlights Microsoft Corporation and Apple Inc.

    The report states that Systems Software spending will start to increase due to the growing interest in cloud computing. Thus far the Systems Software index has declined 2.6% year-to-date, while the S&P increased by 6.3%. Analysts expect revenues […]

  • Apple Changes Policies for App Store Publishers

    The power shifted a bit in favor of publishers last week on Monday when Apple made an unannounced change on its earlier policies. Apple made a huge move when it made a 360 degree turn on the controversial rules it previously made requiring publishers to sell content in iPad and iPhone apps through the […]

  • A New Breed of Hybrid Cloud from Intel

    Everyone in IT business has gone into cloud computing with the primary model of subscription-based services; and Intel is no exception.

    Intel is now looking at server makers, ISV’s and utility service providers for its new breed, the “Hybrid Cloud Platform.” This platform will target to have the application for lease even for small […]

  • Citrix Co-Founder Working on New Stealth Start-up

    Ed Iacobucci, Citrix co-founder and former IBM’s development team lead, who also happens to be the developer of the jet service that made an impact in the Great 2008 Markets Crisis is now back from his long sabbatical leave from the IT industry.

    Iacobucci will now be working on stealth with a Boca Raton […]

  • Overcoming Challenges for Enterprise Private Cloud

    Several companies and organizations whether small, medium or large scale have been rapidly moving into the private cloud. It used to be just the ROI that is at stake, but now with cloud computing they are investing on the preparation to better train them for its implementation. This is the best time to look […]

  • Anything Special About Cloud APIs?

    APIs are critical for nearly every Internet business by now. The website ProgrammableWeb is closely tracking its conquest of the Internet – with 3322 APIs listed – and counting. Articles, blogs and Twitter are full of praising APIs. But, when talking about the cloud, then what is special about APIs and how […]

  • The Downtime Dilemma: Reliability in the Cloud

    I can’t help but take notice of the recent string of cloud failures we’ve been hearing about this year. Blogger went down for about 20 hours last month and Microsoft’s BPOS hosted bundle also reported a significant amount of downtime. Perhaps the […]

  • Automating User Management and Single Sign-on for is one of the most successful, business critical on-demand applications, which makes securely managing access to it of paramount importance.  Yet, unlike on-premise applications, does not natively plug into traditional directories or identity and access management products, which introduces challenges for end-users, application administrators and IT.

    This paper focuses on the challenges […]

  • Considering Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure?

    Microsoft plays a vital role in IT and it is now heavily involved in cloud computing. Most users find its cloud services to be influential, whereas some others are wrestling with the implications of cloud computing.

    For some enterprises, cloud computing is a way to dodge from the traditional computer and software vendors. They […]

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