Cloudscape IV Sets the Standards in Brussels, Belgium

Cloud computing is taking a pace that is faster than anyone in the IT industry has ever imagined. That is why it now requires quicker issue response time and flexible options to handle new opportunities and manage adoption issues.

In the IT industry, what turn out to be successful are enterprises that are able to handle data intensive concerns and those that support numerous applications in the cloud platform.

Although cloud computing is not as automatic as pushing a light button, developers are on the process of discovering where it can be used best in the scientific setting. There are efforts placed in portability and interoperability of cloud data to prevent vendor build and lock-in.  IT experts are focusing on discovering where technologies will work best, so governments and users have the option to choose what applications they need. There is also the issue on data protection, which is the pillar of the European Union’s cloud computing strategy. It is the basis for creating a platform that will regulate user’s rights.

Cloudscape IV will be held this coming February 23 and 24 where the SIENA Roadmap will be presented at the European Commission in Brussels. Part of the objectives is to put forward the SIENA Roadmap priority actions such as data portability, security issues and legal impediments and interoperability. There is a strong support for this move from various large business enterprises because of the growing demand for A Call to Action from stakeholders. Part of the funding used for the SIENA initiative comes from e-Infrastructures Unit and Commission’s GÉANT.

Technical Coordinator of the SIENA initiative, Silvana Muscella said, “Through the flagship Cloudscape workshops, SIENA offers a forum to track emerging standards and technologies, evaluate impediments and raise greater awareness of this dynamic and complex landscape.”

Cloudscape IV is set to blaze a new trail in the international scene through its partnerships with the Global Inter-Cloud Technology Forum (GICTF) and US National Institute of Standards (NIST). Brazil will also set initiatives to introduce global cloud developments in Europe.

Europe also has its own cloud computing initiatives from its Digital Agenda that focuses on re-usable computing infrastructure. There are also insights presented for government and e-research, cloud partnerships, plus research and development projects like EuroCloud and EuroCIO.

SIENA Roadmap Editorial Board Chairman, Martin Walker said, “We hope that our roadmap will heighten awareness and reinforce the importance and value of sustainable einfrastructure providing vital services to a broader research user base In Europe and internationally.”

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