IndependenceIT Workspace Chosen to Boost Cloud Solutions for Kiwi Cloud and Australian Cloud

independenceIT was recently chosen to boost cloud computing services for customers in New Zealand and Australia. They were tasked to deliver both custom and cloud applications; this was recently announced at the last MSPWorld 2012. Australian Cloud and New Zealand Kiwi Cloud chose independenceIT for their complete Total Freedom (TM) workspace. Both IT solutions provider can now provide customers with a complete cloud solutions platform through their partnership with iIT.

Kiwi and Australian Cloud began as Nous Factory PTY LTD, which provided MYOB accounting software. They later decided to venture into cloud services that provide mission-critical business solutions to small and medium scale enterprises (SME).

As they grew in business, customers clamor for more cloud-based services and applications. So they had to upgrade their services, so as not to lose their customers. The demand asks for a complete cloud solution where they can integrate both niche and custom applications. They need a platform where they can migrate and   integrate with applications such as MYOB and Microsoft Office. This is where independenceIT would come in very helpful.

Australian Cloud FED, Colin J. Murfett said, “We had worked with partners to integrate applications in our cloud platform before–and nothing worked as intended. That all changed with independenceIT–their expertise and technology allowed us to integrate applications within hours. They’ve been great to work with, and their technical support team has been able to quickly handle everything I’ve thrown at them since day one.”

There are numerous advantages from independenceIT, among them include the powerful tools to control the cloud platform and manage users. Freedom Cloud Control Panel(TM) has the following features that include access and control over new user accounts, profile customization and cloud desktop configuration. Freedom Desktop Operations Console(TM), on the other hand, can provide cloud partners the option to choose a tier-one support for passwords, plus email configuration services. In addition to these applications and features, iIT has a comprehensive training and education for the workplace in all levels of tier-one system.

“Every organization has at least one key application that is, for the most part, only relevant to their industry. By teaming with independenceIT, we have been able to expand our offering to encompass everything customers could want–from standard out-of-the-box software to custom and niche applications. The strength, flexibility and reliability of independenceIT’s Total Freedom Workspace gives us a true competitive advantage,” Murfett Added.

Kiwi and Australian Cloud can take advantage of the fact that customers now realize that iIT’s applications enable them to migrate from the traditional IT to cloud computing without too much cost, plus it gives them more operational advantages. In fact, Kiwi Cloud and Australian Cloud have already placed a mark in the Asia-Pacific region.

CEO and Chairman of the Board of independenceIT, Anthony Whitton said,,”IT services companies across the globe are realizing that they need a strong, effective, complete cloud computing services offering in order to meet their customers’ expanding business needs. independenceIT’s world-class cloud platform enables providers in any geography or industry to instantly gain a cloud services offering–and quickly roll it out to their customers.”

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