Forrester: IT Operations Managers Must Rethink Their Approach to Private Cloud

Forrester recently surveyed 205 infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives and found that while firms prioritize improved virtualization and have ambitions for internal infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), or private cloud, they lack sufficient virtualization maturity practices. The survey asked about current virtualization practices to create a clearer picture of virtualization maturity as well as gauge future plans for cloud. Forrester’s position is that the cloud is more than virtualization — but virtualization maturity is foundational to a firm’s ability build cloud services. Cloud incorporates virtualization, better management processes, and requires a more comprehensive strategy and architecture. However, if you haven’t virtualized, then you’re on a tricky path to further cloud deployments.

Organizations of all types are attracted by the promises of private cloud computing, but few actually have the virtual maturity to be successful. This Forrester report reveals the latest virtualization trends so you can see how far your peers are in their journey to the private cloud. Read on and discover best practices for improving virtualization in order to prepare for the cloud.


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