Oracle announced today that it has packaged two file management software programs into a single integrated offering, called the Oracle Cloud File System. This new offering will help expedite and improve management of applications, databases and storage, particularly in hybrid and private clouds

The Oracle Cloud File System offers organizations a solution that extends cloud characteristics to their storage by enabling more effective storage pooling through a network accessible elastic storage cloud.

“Oracle Cloud File System delivers all the components and characteristics necessary for customers to deploy a storage cloud,” said Angelo Pruscino, senior vice president of product development, Oracle. “Organizations can move beyond expensive and difficult to manage and scale hardware and storage silos to a highly available, scalable cloud environment that adapts to change in workloads to meet their service level objectives. Oracle customers can begin down the path to a cloud storage environment today with the Oracle Cloud File System.”

Combined with Oracle’s Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for Oracle databases, the solution aims to provide a comprehensive file management solution for managing all general purpose file data across multiple operating system platforms. It has one management interface, one set of installation and configuration tools, one clusterware framework and central support for troubleshooting (eliminating third-party volume managers and file systems). Cloud File System is now the new name for the integration of these technologies.

The Oracle Cloud File System is priced at $5,000 per processor. It is available free of charge for storing Oracle software binaries, metadata, and diagnostic files (terms, conditions and restrictions apply).

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