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    • Sony’s PSN Issues Nothing to do with Cloud Computing Security

      The recent Sony’s PlayStation Network security issue and Amazon Web service outage brought a number of people calling for the downfall of cloud computing. Sony’s security blunder that let loose 100 million credit card numbers turned into a learning experience for the company to correct their flaws.

      A Reuter’s article highlighted Sony’s ability [...]

    • Top 5 Things You Need in a Virtualization Management Solution – Whitepaper

      This expert guide looks at the top 5 areas to watch out for when choosing a management solution for your virtual environment, and it also covers the reasons why you need to use management solutions that are designed specifically for virtualization.


    • Virtualized Hybrid Clouds Are Still Far Out

      The architectural concept of virtualized hybrid cloud architecture is compelling. It demands a set of virtualized servers within the data center to move virtual machines between public cloud providers to the data center dynamically.

      Establishing balance between the private and public clouds at the VM level, moving virtual machines between on-premise and public cloud [...]

    • Cloud Computing Reigns at TiEcon 2011

      In its 18th year running, TiEcon has attracted 3000+ attendees. Each year, TiEcon creates a magical ecosystem and brings together entrepreneurs, professionals, advisors, investors, customers, and VCs for networking, thought-provoking talks, and idea sharing. Many startups have been launched from such platforms and many others walk away inspired and motivated about their professional vision. [...]

    • Top 7 Cloud based Service Offerings

      CloudTimes has done some deep analysis to identify cloud service offerings which are going to be the 10 most important ones in 2011.

      Here is our take on the current trends and the information available today that allows to see a bit into future and say what would be going strong a few months [...]

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