cloudtimes News Digest

    • CloudTimes Joins Cloud Expo as Sponsor

      Cloud Expo is the only Enterprise IT Event in 2011 covering the Entire Scope of the Cloud Computing Spectrum.

      Globally, cloud computing is on course to become $120BN market. The surest way to get yourself and your company fully “Cloud-ready” is by attending Cloud Expo New York – being held June 6 [...]

    • Smart Grid: The Challenges of Big Data

      Electricity providers will soon be up to many challenges as consumers learn how to use “smart meters” and how to upgrade their utility set-up. They need to be prepared for the influx of information more than what they are prepared to handle.

      Managers at utility companies need to get on their feet and figure [...]

    • Cloud Computing and its New Ecosystem

      As cloud adoption grows, the traditional technology ecosystem is facing disruption—but few players in the ecosystem are fully prepared. The disruption will increase opportunities for many players, including web and cloud masters like and Google, as well as telecom operators and other service providers.

      As companies turn increasingly to the cloud for their [...]

    • SMB NAS Systems not Threatened by Cloud Storage

      Cloud data storage systems do not correspond to the death omen for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) network-attached storage (NAS). In fact, it is expected to reach sky high in revenue in 2015 by as much as $2 billion.

      This [...]

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