A Simpler Google Analytics APIThe Analytics API is one of the most useful Google APIs for webmasters, internet markerts, and SEO specialists, as it provides tools to monitor and track the performance of their sites in ways that were literally unheard of a decade ago. But it seems that Google is not content with just providing access to important traffic and viewer statistics, as they will further simplify usage of their analytics tool with the creation of custom-reporting dashboards, according to a recent press release from the company.

The new automated tool, called Google Analytics Easy Dashboard Library, will allow developers to create custom analytics dashboards without requiring any prior knowledge of the inner workings of the Analytics API, nor will it require the need for manual coding.

The Analytics Easy Dashboard Library will instead allow webmasters to sign up for an account, which gives them access to the Google API’s console, where they can paste readymade chunks of Javascript code, which they can then customize further in order to tailor the results to the type of data they want fetched.

The Analytics Easy Dashboard Library was built by a team of University of California at Irvine Students with help from Google themselves, with the company planning to get the help of another group of students to further simplify the tool.

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