us federal government cloud computing 300x300 How the US Military Can Benefit From Cloud TechnologyWhen it comes to cloud technology, one of the most brought up benefits is cost-efficiency, and it remains true even in the military. The sequester has had a significant effect on military budgets, resulting in every branch of the service resorting to cost-cutting measures. The measures even trickle down to their interaction with civilians, citing for example the lack of flyovers at sporting events as well as the Air Force’s own Thunderbirds being prevented from participating in shows that they have traditionally partaken in like the Chicago Air Show.

When looking for a way to streamline their operations, the cloud is easily one that has had the most effect in the military. But it isn’t enough, as the Department of Defense is still gunning for wider cloud adoption within the service. The Defense Information Systems Agency’s director, Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins Jr., in particular, believes that a less siloed approach may be exactly what the government needs right now.

One of their plans is to start managing the Department of Defense’s capabilities at the enterprise level, instead of relying on traditional silos and service-unique management of different functions.

As an example of their enthusiasm for the cloud, Hawkins has stated that the Military currently plans to unite their email systems, and introduce even more cloud operations to their system. Moving majority of their systems to the cloud – whether it’s public or private – is the most significant change that the department is trying to achieve, and they’re currently working with everyone to make that into a reality.

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