By Kyle Hailey

Most enterprise business customers today face a plethora of challenges in order to migrate their massive applications to the cloud environment. For instance, many enterprise applications are so large that one of the easiest ways to migrate a customer environment to the cloud is to physically ship the customer [...]

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By Lori MacVittie

Of late there have been a lot of articles and columns discussing the lamentably small percentage of women who are entering STEM fields. All posit potential causes for the decline noted over the past couple of decades, and some even offer advice on hiring practices or changes in the work environment [...]

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By Adam Stern

Nearly everyone agrees on the key benefits of virtual servers — scalability, improved resource utilization, reduced operational costs, instant provisioning, and the ability to quickly expand the server base.  But there is no “one size fits all” consensus around private vs. public cloud servers.

The selection of a public [...]

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By Jieming Zhu

According to industry research firm Gartner, the worldwide market for cloud computing will grow 18.5 percent this year to $131 billion. One of the leading areas of adoption among companies of all sizes is file share and sync services such as Box, Dropbox, etc. These services are being used by [...]

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By Brian King

Business has never before been so reliant on a stable Internet connection; the cloud has now displaced a huge amount of historically on-premise solutions, from accounting software through to CRM systems. It’s mobile; it’s always on and readily available. But this raises the question, just what happens when the faithful [...]

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by Moazzam Adnan

If you’re looking to improve your business and increase your revenue, something that all experts and industry analysts will tell you to do is improve your SEO ranking for your company’s website. SEO (or search engine optimization) allows people to find your website more easily when browsing the search [...]

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by Mark Walker, VP, Technical Resources, Scribe Software (@markatscribe)

With no need for infrastructure support, the proliferation of cloud applications has made it easy for Line-of-Business (LOB) managers to implement functional systems without input from IT, swiping a credit card to embrace the promise of immediate process efficiencies. The dark side, [...]

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By Paul Wolf, Director, Retail Services, Xerox

Struggling retailers and those who aren’t going to remain in business have, perhaps, missed the memo on the cloud.

The market for cloud services continues to grow as retail businesses embrace the flexibility that the cloud offers. But what about using the cloud at the [...]

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By Andi Mann

Accelerated software development has become a consistent refrain among many IT organizations. This is especially true for those leveraging next-generation technologies, such as mobility, big data, and cloud. Many organizations are making it happen, thanks to focused teams who have a number of application development tools at their disposal [...]

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By Francois Bondiguel

The battle to dominate the mPOS space continues. With more than $3.6 trillion in credit and debit card transactions processed annually in the US alone, the race to get the biggest portion of this extremely profitable pie is definitely on.

The three major contenders right now are PayPal, Square, and [...]

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By Jason Silberman

Almost fifty years ago, a long-forgotten promotional movie was bade, called 1999 A.D. This promotional movie featured the life of an upper middle class family in the far off year, and demonstrated forecast modern conveniences they would enjoy and which the people at the time did not.

When this [...]

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By Vic Nyman

“Cloud Computing!”  Is it the savior of IT or the bane of our existence?  Cloud computing has extreme potential, especially for achieving operational efficiencies and cost savings.  Unfortunately, with that potential is the potential for business disaster – outages in places you can’t control impacting customer satisfaction or even [...]

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by Andi Mann

Despite the inclination to wait until all of the cloud’s kinks have been worked out, holding off on cloud initiatives until the industry matures won’t guarantee success. The fact is, the greater an organization’s experience with cloud, the greater the benefits. This is one of the key findings in [...]

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By Louis Tetu, CEO of Coveo

In the past several years, as cloud computing has become one of the top IT priorities, we can agree that, for the most part, we’ve overcome the primary concerns associated with the technology – security, reliability and performance. With these [...]

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by Erik Grueter

Cloud computing is set for a number of big shakeups this year. The big story is in the effect these changes will have on smaller businesses. Public clouds that can be accessed cheaply and without a big IT overhead are likely to be chosen by small, developer friendly companies. [...]

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by Jim Morin

Software-defined networking (SDN) is getting a lot of publicity as the latest technology for intelligent networking. With SDN poised to have a major impact on the future of networking, there are specific measures that can be taken today to get a better connection to the cloud.

You can achieve [...]

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