Forrester recently surveyed 205 infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives and found that while firms prioritize improved virtualization and have ambitions for internal infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), or private cloud, they lack sufficient virtualization maturity practices. The survey asked about current virtualization practices to create a clearer picture of virtualization maturity as well as [...]

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According to the performance monitoring and optimization company, Compuware APM, there has been a significant increase in Couch Commerce in 2012. Here are the key findings of the report:

Trend 1: Shopping via iPads started early this year – on the Sunday before Thanksgiving:

88% increase in retail website pageviews [...]

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How to Build a Secure Cloud Environment – Study

Symantec has presented its vision for a secure, agile and efficient cloud. Within five years, companies would operate in a world of cloud, virtualization and mobile computing, converged IT; a world in which the cloud will be much more secure.

Today, [...]

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Cloudy with a Chance of Insight: An ISV’s Guide to Customer Usage Data Collection in the Cloud

The right entitlement management service and user management tools can instantly improve your business processes and customer insight by simplifying your billing process, while tracking customer usage, feature usage trends, regional usage, and [...]

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The right entitlement management service and user management tools can instantly improve your business processes and customer insight by simplifying your billing process, while tracking customer usage, feature usage trends, regional usage, and much more. These features ultimately provide critical data to assist organization-wide decision making.

Publishers of on-premise software have, for [...]

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SafeNet has spent the past several years working with software publishers that are planning for, or are in the process of, a migration of their on-premise applications to the cloud. This paper highlights the emerging trends and the key areas of migration in which to focus. It goes further to explain the [...]

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Software pricing and packaging is an art form regardless of whether it’s delivered as a service or as physical on-premise software. There is also a lot of science involved. This paper explores the most critical aspects of introducing and managing SaaS applications and presents ISVs with ideas on how to build, execute [...]

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CloudTimes Announces Media Partnership with CloudBeat

It’s unlikely that any single player will dominate the cloud computing market in the foreseeable future, so more and more enterprise IT leaders are taking a pragmatic, creative approach and adopting a wide range of cloud solutions.

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The Cloud: What’s in it For You?

Nowadays, more and more businesses are moving their operations to the cloud as the industry starts to realize the benefits that the cloud brings, whether it’s cost-efficiency, improved flexibility and agility, or any of the myriad advantages that comes from cloud computing. However, [...]

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The Cloud Business Case: Are Expected Cost Savings Realistic?

According to Claranet Product Director Martin Saunders, cloud computing is not a cheaper alternative to on-premise server. However, cloud computing services do make up for that disadvantage. According to Saunders, [...]

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Report: Big Data Needs Broad Strategies for Public Sector Adoption

Division of Big Data Commission organization TechAmerica Foundation released a report “Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide To Transforming The Business of Government,” which provides an analysis of the major trends in the segment processing systems of large [...]

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Top 10 Cloud Concerns – Study

The findings of a survey conducted jointly by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA show that government regulations, exit strategies and international data privacy dominate the top 10 areas where trust in the cloud is the lowest.

Studying Cloud Market Maturity conducted [...]

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As you know, everything is mobile, connected, interactive, and immediate. This is exactly why organizations need a highly agile IT infrastructure in order to keep pace with extreme fluctuations in business demand. This book will help you understand why infrastructure convergence has been widely accepted as the optimal approach for simplifying and [...]

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How To Counter Threats Of Cloud Computing

Phishing is a popular scam to bait internet users into providing private information. It usually acquires information for the purpose of identity theft. A “phisher” usually sends emails to various individuals and claims to be a legitimate entity. People are duped into providing [...]

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Netflix’s Move to the Cloud and its Risks

Netflix is one of the examples that public cloud based services will serve as the driving force in the transformation of in-house IT operations.

Netflix has decided that they no longer need an on-premise datacenter to support their in-house corporate IT services, [...]

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Join Us at Global Mobile Internet Conference: Silicon Valley

Save the date! Great Wall Club is organizing the Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley (GMIC SV) this October 19-20.

The Global Mobile Internet Conference is Asia’s most influential mobile internet conference. For the first time ever, the conference is coming to Silicon Valley.

The event is themed [...]

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