Managing Information in the Boundary-free Enterprise: Five Best Practices from Saugatuck Technology

Moving data to the cloud can break through barriers in time and place, allowing workers to get to information faster and more easily than ever. But the right approach is critical. To get the best returns on your cloud investments, your enterprise must effectively manage data, as well as integrate it with on-premise assets.

This is the Boundary-Free Enterpriseā„¢, and it’s where your employees can work in a truly seamless virtual environment. Join industry experts from Saugatuck Technology and Informatica for a “cloud first” CIO perspective.

Topics in this whitepaper include:

  • The importance of data governance and data management in overall cloud success
  • Integration of cloud data with on-premise data solutions
  • The benefits of hybrid deployments
  • How to maximize ROI and accelerate cloud adoption through cloud-based data integration and master data management

Download this white paper to learn the critical questions to ask when evaluating cloud integration solutions.

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