In May 2013, Facebook launched the Open Computer Project (OCP) with an aim to make the building blocks of their own data centers and publicly share under a free license with other companies. The OCP was launched with the aim of reducing hardware costs of Facebook and since then, the company [...]

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Just days after Lenovo purchased of IBM’s x86 servers business, IBM presents a number of new models based on its own Power8 Workstation processor. It’s about the first models based on Open Power Foundation, where companies like Google, NVIDIA, Canonical, Tyan, Samsung and Micron have been active contributors and thus will [...]

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IBM has announced its new top of the range CPU Server power system architecture that, according to what the company claims, promises the highest performance to revolutionize the world of servers and big data. IBM promises up to 50 times faster processing than standard x86 servers.

Designed for big data, the [...]

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