Amazon offers free EC2 usage for a year

According to the Amazon Web Services website, beginning Nov. 1, new customers will be able to run one micro instance in the Elastic Compute Cloud for a year at no charge. The virtual server can be combined with free use of Amazon S3 permanent storage and EC2’s Elastic Block Store, which supplies disk space for running systems. Elastic Load Balancing and AWS data transfer will also be thrown in at no charge. AWS calls the package its “free usage tier.”

“We’re excited to introduce a free usage tier for new AWS customers to help them get started on AWS,” said VP Adam Selipsky. “Everyone from entrepreneurial college students to developers at Fortune 500 companies can now launch new applications at zero expense and with the peace of mind that they can instantly scale to accommodate growth,” he added in the announcement.

The Free Amazon cloud includes:

• 750 hours per month of micro Linux Amazon EC2 instance usage

• 750 hours per month of an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

• 10Gbytes per month of Amazon Elastic Block Storage

• 5Gbytes per month of Amazon S3 Storage

• 30Gbytes per month of internet data transfer

• 25 machine hours per month of Amazon SimpleDB

• 100,000 requests per month of Amazon Simple Queue Service

• 100,000 requests per month,

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