Yahoo to Open Source Its Cloud-Serving Platform

Yahoo is scheduled to make changes to its internal cloud-serving platform and release it as an open source. Yahoo Cloud, is a cloud computing infrastructure that offers Yahoo developers on-demand computing capabilities, and is used by most Yahoo services and applications.

The changes made to the internal cloud will make the operation of Yahoo services more efficient, and provide Yahoo developers on-demand pre-configured platform to build services on top of in order to quickly and efficiently deploy applications. Yahoo Cloud infrastructure is a combination of Infrastructure-as-a-service and Platform-as-a-service.

“We believe there is a huge benefit to open-sourcing our infrastructure, allowing other people to augment it and make it better,” “That’s what’s made the Internet successful to date.” Says Todd Papaioannou, Vice president of cloud architecture at Yahoo.

By releasing its cloud serving platform in open source, Yahoo will differentiate itself from Google which keeps its cloud serving platform internal.

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