Amazon Cloud Player Now Works on iOS Devices

It’s quite hard to understand that despite the advances in technology, the Internet, which is the keystone of free communication, is still delimited by geographical restrictions. We are referring to Amazon’s two newest offerings, both of which are only offered in the US.

Together with Cloud Player, Amazon also tossed Cloud Drive, which mainly functions as a cloud storage digital locker. Its features are quite limited, and there’s no factual motive to use it over something like SkyDrive or SugarSync. It also does not work outside the US.

There exists no natural iOS application specifically designed for Amazon’s Cloud Player, like the one for Android smartphone users, but new reports rolled out which silently introduced basic support for Apple’s iOS. The web-based Cloud Player can now be effectively retrieved via the Safari browser on Apple’s operating system.

To get it functioning, all you have to do is point Safari on an iPad or iPhone to the Amazon Cloud Player website. A cautionary page will appear telling you that your browser is not buoyed; all you have to do is disregard that. As soon as you are over the warning screen, you are now in, ready to view your music saved on Amazon’s servers.

The next thing that you will be doing is to choose the song or playlist you want to play, and the music will begin streaming to your iOS gadget. It works well with the iOS multi-tasking and volume panels, so you can also hear the music in the background while doing something else. If ever a push or call statement comes through, the music will automatically pause, similar to when you are using your native iPod.

Just like any other applications or software, the use of Amazon Cloud Player Web Interface from iOS has its own pitfalls. You cannot arrange the songs in the playlist by just doing ‘drag and drop’. Uploading of files is also not possible since it requires Flash. To most users, this isn’t a problem at all because they are used to utilizing regular computers when uploading songs. Still, it’s only an upgrade on what most Apple owners have had from Amazon thus far in the digital music stakes, which is nothing. However, this basic iOS compatibility should be sufficient for iPad and iPhone owners while waiting for Apple to reveal its own cloud music service.

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