Netflix – Movies In The Cloud

More than a year ago Netflix was having problems keeping up with the growth in demand for its services and turned to the cloud for help. The company decided to move most of its production systems into Amazon EC2 after having struggled to keep up by building its data center. Last year Netflix launched the i-phone app and gave users the ability to download movies and TV shows to popular game console machines like the Wii and the Xbox 360, which triggered massive increase in website traffic and customers.

Today Netflix is one of the largest customers of Amazon EC2 because of its need to store petabytes of video products and stream large data sets to customers quickly and on demand. While Netflix hopes that its customers will continue to grow, it also hopes that Amazon will be able to support it.

At the Cloud Connect opening in Santa Clara, Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix Architect, said that Neflix was overall satisfied with Amazon EC2 but challenges still exist.

Reference: Cloud Connect: Netflix Finds Home In Amazon EC2

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