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  • Telecoms Gears Up for Cloud Computing Acquisition

    Telecommunications providers and cable companies have entered the burgeoning enterprise cloud computing market in the battle for enterprise customers. They could play a lucrative role by combining their natural advantages as network operators with technological innovation.

    CenturyLink, the nation’s third-largest telecommunications company, announced that it will acquire Savvis, a data center services business […]

  • Four Layers of Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing can be described as the new era in the world of computing. It is composed of several layers, all of which can be accessed by users connected to it. Understanding what each layer comprises of, the functions of each layer, how these layers interact with each other, including the need for diverse […]

  • Cloud Extend Boosts Sales Team Productivity with Process Automation

    Some business people often require assistance from IT professionals or third party system integrators due to their limited ability to make modifications that incorporate their sales process and methodology. There are also potential users that are not well-versed in SaaS program applications.

    As the need in simplifying virtualized services increases, Active Endpoints, […]

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