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  • CloudStore: The Cloud for SMEs

    UK Government Director for Dell Alan Mac Neela has recently outlined ways on improving SME engagement in the execution of the Government’s ICT strategy, including methods on how the consortia can support and enhance partnerships between small to medium enterprises and large vendors.

    According to Mac Neela, the government’s CloudStore is serving as an […]

  • CloudOn Moves MS Office Into the Cloud, Supports iPad, Android Tablet

    One of the problems encountered by longtime desktop users, when it comes to migrating their work to tablets, is the fact that there’s no real support for MS Office on the mobile devices. There have been efforts to create apps that can open the documents, but using them as effectively as MS Office is […]

  • Amazon Attracts Windows and .NET Developers to the AWS Cloud

    Amazon is pushing harder to attract Microsoft Windows .NET developers. The company has launched two new managed services offerings aimed to woo Windows .NET developers. First, Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) for SQL Server relational database, a new service for Microsoft’s database server and second .NET applications can now be developed and operated within […]

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