Google Apps Integrator Cloud Sherpas buys Omnetic

Cloud Sherpas, a large reseller and integrator of Google Apps, has acquired Omnetic, a San Francisco-based integrator.

The acquisition highlights how the Google Apps ecosystem is growing. With Omnetic, Cloud Sherpas will have more Google Apps deployment specialists than any company outside of the search giant.

“This is a decisive move by Cloud Sherpas and a fantastic opportunity for our team. By joining the recognized leader in Google cloud solutions, we accomplish our goal of creating the dominant company in the Google Enterprise marketplace,” says Cloud Sherpas Founder and CEO Chris McGarry. “We share a passion for technology-driven business transformation. Most importantly, our complementary experience, expertise and geographic reach position us to deliver even greater value to our customers and partners.”

Meanwhile, the acquisition gives Cloud Sherpas a presence on the West Coast. Cloud Sherpas is based in Atlanta, and has offices in Washington D.C., Austin, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Omnetic brings in San Francisco to the mix.

From the beginning, the Google Apps Marketplace has been very promising (although not initially successful) and services like the ones offered by Cloud Sherpas not only entice SMB who are more likely to look for free or low cost tools but also mid market enterprises. Just a few years back, SMBs could not have imagined having an enterprise level IT for zero or low overheads. But services like Google Apps and powerful add-ons like Cloud Sherpas tools makes it easy for SMBs to acquire powerful IT services which, in turn, helps their business with agility.

Cloud Sherpas has migrated 800,000 users to Google Apps over the last three years. Omnetic, founded in 2008, has moved 100,000 users to Google Apps. Omnetic CEO Chris McGarry led’s deployment and integration of Google Apps.

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