Cloud Computing and Application Performance Management

APM: Assuring Service Delivery and an Optimum User Experience
Your business depends on its IT ecosystem, and you are responsible for making sure IT delivery is flawless. Of course, you have to do this in a constantly changing environment where you are adopting new technologies to deliver more flexible and powerful applications. While new applications enable business agility, they typically add more complexity to the underlying infrastructure. The once highly complex heterogeneous IT infrastructure is giving away to the hybrid data center, adding an entirely new dimension of management challenge. This environment connects your already highly complex and likely virtualized infrastructure with private and public clouds, SaaS, and other emerging technologies.
Effectively managing these complex IT environments without the right tools is impossible because of the myriad of moving parts, lack of visibility, and access to the right information at the right time. While complexity grows and changes happen on a regular basis, you need to protect revenue and retain and grow your customer base by delivering a consistently high-quality user experience and by assuring optimal business service delivery that meets service level agreements.
CA Technologies Newsletter featuring Gartner Research. This publication, enhanced by Gartner research, reveals how to take a proactive IT approach which ensures visibility and control during the adoption of virtualization and cloud environments.

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Virtualization demonstrates substantial benefits — in agility, availability and cost reduction — but it is not all clear sailing. Most organizations struggle, sooner or later, with added complexity, staffing requirements, SLA management, departmental politics and more. Working with industry analysts and other experts, CA Technologies has devised a simple 4-step model to describe the progression from an entry-level virtualization project to a mature dynamic data center and private cloud strategy. This video describes that maturity lifecycle and the key management activities you will need to get past these tipping points, drive virtualization maturity and deliver virtualization success, at every stage of your virtualization lifecycle.

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