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  • The Downtime Dilemma: Reliability in the Cloud

    I can’t help but take notice of the recent string of cloud failures we’ve been hearing about this year. Blogger went down for about 20 hours last month and Microsoft’s BPOS hosted bundle also reported a significant amount of downtime. Perhaps the most notable was when Amazon’s cloud was overloaded with Lady Gaga fans clamoring […]

  • The Cloud as a PIM provider

    In today’s world of digital devices, it’s easy to find people having multiple devices. In that case, it becomes a task to keep them all in sync. For example, If I add a new contact on my phone, it should be “synced” to my laptop, or if I added a new email contact on […]

  • SkyDrive – The iCloud Microsoft Version?

    Yesterday Microsoft promoted on its blog SkyDrive which is a free cloud service that gives users access up to 25GB storage of documents, photos, and videos through the web. This news comes just after Apple introduced “iCloud” this week at the WWDC in San Francisco. iCloud is a new cloud backup, sync and […]

  • Data Integration on Cloud

    Cloud as a powerful platform has interested everybody by now, moreover some of the organizations have jumped a lot farther and are now providing end to end solutions based on cloud platform itself. Look at the types of, who provide a complete CRM package, all over the cloud.

    With such services present on […]

  • How To Watch SF New Tech Live

    We’ll be attending tonight’s SF New Tech Show: The Grand Cru, the Best of the French Tech Tour! We’ll be attending tonight’s SF New Tech Show: The Grand Cru, the Best of the French Tech Tour! With Appoke, NTX Research, BkRender, Ateme, Pole […]

  • CloudTimes Joins Cloud Control Conference as a Sponsor

    Not Your Ordinary Cloud Conference

    The market is flooded with generic conferences and trade shows. We have all attended them; few are entertaining others overwhelming and some simply useless. The sales pitch hits you in the face like a brick wall as you cross the carpeted threshold of the Exhibitor gauntlet. Education as a […]

  • Square’s New iPad Payment Service Will Make Cash Registers a Thing of the Past

    Square’s new payment application recently registered 1 million card reader transactions, 500,000 mobile payments and $3 million daily payment processing last May. Jack Dorsey, CEO announced that more is coming up with the new generation of Square. Square Register is next in line, a key sales application that is seen to replace the old […]

  • CloudTimes Launches Cloud App Store

    CloudTimes launched its Cloud App Store today in cooperation with GetApp. Cloud Apps is a marketplace for Business Applications buyers and providers. CloudTimes readers can find, compare and choose from a wide range of enterprise applications. All of these are efficiently organized and categorized for easy viewing, helping our readers to […]

  • Cloud Expo: 8 Dutch Companies Showcase in New York

    Eight Dutch companies were invited by the Dutch government at this year’s Cloud Expo in New York to showcase their software and services at the Holland Pavilion on the show floor. CloudTimes is a media sponsor of Cloud Expo.

    Many Dutch companies have developed high-end services and proprietary software ready for the transatlantic […]

  • A New Cloud Ecosystem for Telecom Operators Action In The CloudThe market for cloud computing infrastructure and services is growing rapidly and a wide variety of players—some old, some new—are rushing in to grab a share of the opportunity.

    To thrive in the cloud market, they must establish and […]

  • VMware Acquires Socialcast

    VMware (VMW) announced recently their acquisition of Socialcast, a leading social collaboration solutions for the cloud provider. Socialcast will be delivered as a hosted service, private cloud computing or via a physical computer solution as is now used by some of the world’s key enterprises. This move is to continue VMware’s vision of end-user computing […]

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