OS33 Partners with Cloupia to Deliver Effective, Agile and Secure Cloud Services

OS33, an IT-as-a-Service Delivery Platform for MSPs, announced today that it has formed a partnership with Cloupia, a cloud automation and management software provider, to power its Virtual Datacenter Controller and help service providers overcome today’s limited ability to provision infrastructure resources on the fly. In working with the Cloupia, which provides enterprises and service providers with enhanced cloud and infrastructure automation offerings, OS33 will leverage Cloupia’s technology to automate self-service delivery, management and provisioning of IT infrastructure.

The OS33 Virtual Datacenter Controller, powered by Cloupia, is a revolutionary new component of the OS33 Platform, which helps service providers overcome today’s limited ability to provision infrastructure resources on the fly.

“OS33 currently provides today’s leading comprehensive platform for cloud services and has strong market penetration and good relationships with those in the MSP market,” said Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, Vice President, Products and Marketing at Cloupia.  “We are delighted to partner with OS33 to address the growing market need for effective, agile and secure cloud services.  With the addition of Cloupia’s turnkey cloud infrastructure automation tools, OS33 brings the channel one step closer to the promise of powerful yet flexible cloud-based services as the new model for IT.”

Using OS33’s VDC powered by Cloupia, MSPs can:

  • Instantly deploy Virtual Server Resources using self-service provisioning portal and make them available to be converted into user-facing IT assets and presented to the end-users on their webtops (web-based desktops)
  • Use hypervisor agnostic capabilities of OS33 Virtual Datacenter Controller to allow service providers to utilize OS33’s IaaS Cloud, providers’ own infrastructure, public cloud, or to mix and match based on client needs, creating a unified solution controlled from a single pane of glass
  • Enable clients to peer into the infrastructure backend to track utilization and monitor resources
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure management systems policies and processes

“None of our competitors have a unified platform equally capable of provisioning every aspect of cloud-based IT from a single interface. Powered by Cloupia’s technology, our Virtual Datacenter Controller brings us closer to our vision of providing MSPs with a turnkey, unified cloud-service platform where they can deploy virtual server resources, applications, companies, users and more, all on the fly, all in the cloud, all in matter of minutes,” said Jacob Kazakevich, OS33 President.

About OS33
OS33, the leading full-featured cloud computing IT delivery automation platform, has been tested and proven by thousands of end users. With OS33, MSPs can provision cloud-based infrastructure resources, deploy applications, and create companies and users, providing a brandable web-based desktop fully populated with all of their hosted IT assets.  OS33 is based in New York City.

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