Cloud Startup Nutanix Launches Virtualization Without SAN

Nutanix, a Cloud storage infrastructure startup announced today the launch of its flagship product Nutanix Complete Cluster, which it claims is “the industry’s first truly converged server and storage infrastructure for enterprise-class virtualization that removes the need for network storage.”

With its Complete Cluster, a high-performance hardware plus software solution, Nutanix is trying to revolutionize enterprise storage by eliminating the SAN and placing both computing and storage on the same node. Nutanix refers to this as a Google-like infrastructure for mid-size companies. The converged architecture approach was pioneered by Google and innovated by Nutanix, says the company.

The 2U cluster, which targets virtualization workloads, includes four nodes consisting of 8 6-core Intel processors, up to 768GB RAM, 1TB of Fusion-io solid-state storage, and a combined 35TB of hard drive capacity.

The solution has a scale-out converged architecture that combines servers and storage in a single tier.

Dheeraj Pandey, CEO of Nutanix says “Our customers will experience a radical improvement in TCO for their Nutanix-based virtualization projects, with savings of 40 to 60 percent in equipment alone. The Nutanix difference is that no network storage is required to implement enterprise virtualization, resulting in dramatically simpler and faster data centers in which data sits right next to virtual machines, not across the network.”

Nutanix was founded in 2009 by experts from Google and Oracle. The three co-founders got their seed funding from private investors in May 2010, and pulled in $13.2m in Series A funding in April 2011 from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Blumberg Capital.

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