6fusion Receives $7 Million for Cloud Hybrid Platform

6Fusion is a key cloud management platform that provides infrastructure management software and services by enabling both the private and the public cloud as a pay-per-service utility. It provides an efficient metering tool through the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) that they have.

Recently it has announced that it has gathered $7 million dollars of fund from their series B round, which was backed up by Grotech Ventures. Intersouth Partners, which was a previous partner, also supported the Series B round. If funding keeps coming for 6Fusion then the cloud is definitely clearing out for 6Fusion.

Their WAC is expected to turn private and public workloads very convenient and user friendly; making both ends meet and perform effectively and efficiently. WAC is also expected to standardize the supply and demand chain through their compute resources.

UC6 Cloud Management Platform will forge together data from the private cloud to any third party cloud operator; this will provide a single pane where IT people can manage, optimize cloud performance and meter the services usage.

It is expected that Lawson DeVries of Grotech Ventures will join the 6Fusion board very soon.

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