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  • Hardest Problems in Data Management – VMware Whitepaper One of the most difficult problems faced by today’s designers is figuring out how to leverage pay-as-you-go-clouds to build optimal data management platforms.

    Modern hardware trends and economics combined with cloud/virtualization technology are radically reshaping today’s data management landscape, ushering in a new era where many machine, many core, memory-based computing topologies can be […]

  • The Cloud Awaits: Storage For The Growing Virtualized Infrastructure

    The tight integration of Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SANs and VMware vSphere virtualization software helps organizations enhance IT efficiency, expand virtualization throughout the IT infrastructure, and set the stage for cloud computing.

    Growth is a good situation for organizations to experience, but growth is not easy and presents challenges. Today, virtual environments in many […]

  • Cloud Trends to Watch Out for in 2012

    Ovum released its latest analysis this week stating the trends that will impact 2012, which include data analytics, cloud computing and agile developments.

    According to the report many establishments including government agencies will turn to data analytics, cloud computing and agile developments to deal with the failing economic situation.

    Ovum research director, Dr Steve […]

  • How SMBs Can Prosper In The Cloud

    Excellent infographic by GlowHost which discusses how small businesses are thriving, and in most cases doing much better than large corporations, by implementing cloud hosting into their business models and gives tips for what these small businesses should look for when choosing a cloud service.

  • CEO Series Interview with Gaurav Dhillon, CEO of SnapLogic on Cloud Integration

    SnapLogic CEO, Gaurav Dhillon meets with CloudTimes to talk about the importance of cloud integration and the ‘app store’ model to software-as-a-service application integration. Gaurav was the co-founder and former CEO of Informatica Corporation where he led the company from a startup idea to a leading worldwide software enterprise in just […]

  • Cloudability Manages all Your Cloud Costs in One Place

    With almost all service providers using the public beta of a cost-tracking service, Cloudability has entered into the scene to provide users the access they need to view their own billing and usage history. Cloudability will make use of APIs to provide the access to information from cloud providers such as, Amazon Web […]

  • Dropbox for Teams to Help SMBs

    Dropbox, a cloud-based storage and file sharing platform is moving to release the chains from cloud consumers with the release of its new service application called Dropbox for Teams. This is seen to help SMBs in sharing and storing files, documents, photos and videos within the cloud.

    Dropbox for Teams was launched last Thursday; […]

  • Regional Telcos Seen to Rise due to Cloud Computing Demands

    NeoNova Network Services has seen the bright future for broadband cloud-based services that is why they have added 15 new cloud service providers this year for their customer base. NeoNova continues to be one of the industry leaders in managed broadband services.

    NeoNova’s customer base continues to increase in number and geographical locations. Today, […]

  • Oracle Acquires RightNow Technologies Inc.

    In the past Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation was very vocal about his dislike with cloud computing. He was then very confident that they will continue to flourish in business by selling huge business updates, software systems and maintenance services to clients. In fact, in 2008 at a famous investor conference he called cloud […]

  • Cloud Benefits 101: What’s In It for You?

    In 1997, businesses were excited about the Internet’s potential, but worried about security, privacy, etc. In 2011, Cloud computing has emerged as the next transformational technology wave.

    To put this information into even sharper focus, the paper includes three case studies of companies that achieved significant return on investment, innovation, and scalability in the […]

  • VMWare May Have to Re-evaluate its Cloud Management Pricing

    One of the most common downsides of cloud technology is being on the lead is overconfidence. When business enterprise is at record high of 10 times the previous revenue scales, 35% growth and 80% market share the common issues include being unable to self-critique one’s performance.

    Netfix has a lot to say about the […]

  • CEO Series Interview with Bob Wiederhold, CEO of Couchbase, a leader in NoSQL DB

    Couchbase is a leading provider of NoSQL database technology, powering some of the world’s largest web applications, and thousands of others. Whether a corporate e-commerce system, a blockbuster social game or the world’s largest ad targeting system, Couchbase offers a more flexible, scalable and cost-effective approach to data management than traditional database solutions.

    CloudTimes […]

  • Cloud Security: Managing Firewall Risks

    Ponemon Institute is pleased to present the results of Cloud Security: Managing Firewall Risks. Sponsored by Dome9 Security, this research was conducted to determine the challenges organizations face when managing access and securing firewalls and ports in their cloud environments. We believe this is the first study to look at the risk to […]

  • What Will It Take to Migrate Business-Critical Apps to the Cloud?

    By Jesse Rothstein, Co-founder and CEO, ExtraHop Networks

    When it comes to the cloud, everyone wants in—that is, everyone except the owners of business-critical applications. Before they make the physical-to-virtual or on-premises-to-cloud transition, application owners need assurances that they can maintain visibility into how their business-critical applications are performing.

    There’s no doubt […]

  • CEO Series Interview with Razi Sharir, CEO of DBaaS Provider Xeround

    Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider Xeround originally entered the market building massively scaled database management systems for telecom companies like T-Mobile’s US operations. However, when Razi Sharir took over as CEO, he transformed the business to serve the greater market for cloud computing users.

    In this interview with Editor-in-Chief, Martin Tantow, Sharir explains the technology […]

  • CloudTimes Announces Media Sponsorship for CloudBeat 2011

    CloudTimes is proud to announce a media partnership with VentureBeat on its CloudBeat 2011 conference in Redwood City, CA on Nov 30th – Dec 1st, 2011.

    The event will be different from existing cloud conferences. Using a customer-centric approach (rather than vendor-centric), the event will hone in on 12 case studies, where we’ll […]

  • CloudSwing PaaS Cloud Solution Now in GA

    OpenLogic announced today the general availability of CloudSwing, the first-ever Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the enterprise with cost tracking and complete customization of technology stacks.

    OpenLogic, a provider of enterprise open source solutions for the cloud and the data center, offers an entirely customizable array of infrastructure, languages, and technology stacks, giving companies and developers […]

  • Fair to Partly Cloudy

    While the cloud is often referred to in singular fashion, the reality is that enterprises looking to embrace cloud computing can choose from some very different approaches, each providing specific benefits—and challenges. This paper will describe IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, revealing the unique characteristics of these cloud service delivery models. In addition, it will […]

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