Vivek Kundra Joins as Executive Vice President announced recently that the former US Federal Government author and CIO of the Cloud-First policy, Vivek Kundra has joined the company as Executive Vice President to leverage their cloud social enterprise. Kundra is a popular figure in the IT technology and has been coined as an enterprise innovator.

Kundra’s track record as CIO of the United States government included the management of more than $80 billion investments from the world’s largest IT organizations. He was one of the first cloud advocates who enumerated the advantages of cloud computing for both the private and public sector. Kundra is also associated with the authorship of the Cloud-First policy, which is now used as a standard for various government IT institutions around the globe. The Cloud-First policy has effectively provided a venue for startups to work more efficiently with the most cost-effective plan.

“ is an industry disruptor, helping organizations use the transformative power of technology for change. I am excited to join the most innovative company in the world that is pioneering social, mobile and open cloud computing technologies for the enterprise,” Vivek said. CEO, Marc Benioff said, “Vivek Kundra is an amazing technology visionary who opened the eyes of millions to the transformational power of cloud computing. His disruptive leadership is just what the industry needs to accelerate the social enterprise.”

Kundra’s work history before he joined was brief, but was elaborate and outstanding. He was the US CIO who adopted cloud computing for game-changing technologies that strengthened national cybersecurity and pioneered the open government trend.

Prior to his stint as US CIO he was the CTO for the District of Columbia and also worked as the commerce and technology assistant secretary for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In 2011, Kundra was chosen as the 2011 Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum. He represented the young leaders and innovators of his time who are all committed to change the global technology of the future. Not to mention that he was also an active affiliate of the Council of Foreign Affairs.

A degree holder of M.S. in Management from the University of Maryland, Kundra took his college degree at the University Of Sorensen Institute Of Political Leadership.

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