Nivio Receives $21M Investment Funding from Videocon and AEC Partners

US Technology Company AEC Partners and Videocon have placed their combined investment funding of $21 million for Nivio, a Palo Alto cloud computing company.

Nivio is expected to use this funding to leverage their cloud services in Europe, India, Australia and West Asia. These services will provide cloud solutions for individuals, small and medium scale businesses.

Nivio is a company founded in 2004 by partners Saurabh Pradeep Dhoot and Sachin Dev Duggal. The former is the nephew of Venugopal Dhoot, Videocon’s chairman. They have their headquarter offices located in Geneva, Switzerland and Palo Alto, California, plus office locations in London and Delhi. All in all Nivio has more than 120 staffs before the funding came in; they were also able to gather $9 million funding from Deutsche Bank and other various private investors when they started the business.

The first ever Windows-based online PC was Nivio’s flagship service when they officially launched their cloud services. This unique service enables users to easily access their PC from any on-site desktop or mobile device. The online desktop provides power and unlimited storage plus access to new and updates software on a fee-for-service payment scheme.

Just recently, Nivio announced their three new products: a downloadable online desktop, an application store and mdash plus portable, free drive storage with 10GB of space. All these can be accessed from anywhere by anyone who has an active account using an online device.

The new nApps service provides access to users to rent any program for 30 days before they finally decide to purchase it. They are given a choice for a trial period before purchasing any full application or software. The nApps already runs Microsoft Office suite and other free apps like Evernote and Twitter. They are also actively negotiating with Adobe to offer their products from their store.

To leverage their cloud computing services they had given permission to users to access from their nDesktop. A software that is significantly useful for students who may need a program for a short period or for one or two project instances, since they do not have the funds to purchase software of full app.

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