SMEs Benefit From Cloud Computing and Mobile Processing – Survey

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are always looking for automation and technologies to improve their business operation in the most cost effective way possible, especially to save operational cost. In house software solutions and network infrastructure historically have been one such solution to help them accomplish this.

However, these technologies were out of reach for SMEs due to cost constraints and necessary staffs required to monitor and administer these applications. That all changed with the advent of cloud based solutions and applications, which provide cost effective and easily accessible way to incorporate more powerful and more reliable hardware and software programs into their operations.

Recent studies have shown that could technologies are helping small businesses not only in making servers more dependable but helping them to prepare for disaster.

According to 2012 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey by Symantec Corp., the adoption of technologies like cloud computing, virtualization and mobility is assisting companies to improve their ability to recover from a disaster.

The survey found that more than 40 percent of SMBs are deploying public cloud in their operation while 43 percent using private clouds. About 34 percent (one third) of SMBs have already implemented or are currently deploying server virtualization. Moreover, same percentage of businesses is now taking the advantage of mobile and tablets devices for business use.

The study has reported that these technologies has improved the disaster preparedness of most of the SMBs. About 71 percent of respondents said server virtualization has improved their disaster preparedness, while 43 percent private and 41 percent public cloud adopted companies saw improvement in disaster planning. Mobile solutions have increased their planning by 36 percent.

“Today’s SMBs are in a unique position to embrace new technologies that not only provide a competitive edge, but also allow them to improve their ability to recover from a disaster while protecting the information that their businesses depend on,” said Steve of worldwide marketing for SMB and Cloud at Symantec Corp. “SMBs cannot afford lengthy downtimes so the ability to quickly recover from a disaster is critical. Technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility, combined with a sound plan and comprehensive security and data protection solutions, enable SMBs to better prepare for and quickly recover from potential disasters such as floods or fires, as well as lost or stolen mobile devices and laptops.”

Another SMB Authority Market Sentiment Survey by Newtek Business Services showed that majority of business owners (about 55 percent) plan to use mobile, tablet or other similar device in the near future. Additionally, one third of business owners have already instigated tablets for their business applications and 45 percent of owners favor buying tablets over laptops for their next technology purchase.

Mobile processing gives business the liability of process payment anywhere and at any time through smartphones and tablets devices. This saves business cost in case of disaster and even if there is a breakdown in the software applications as well.

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