Citrix Co-Founder Working on New Stealth Start-up

Ed Iacobucci, Citrix co-founder and former IBM’s development team lead, who also happens to be the developer of the jet service that made an impact in the Great 2008 Markets Crisis is now back from his long sabbatical leave from the IT industry.

Iacobucci will now be working on stealth with a Boca Raton start-up penned as VirtualWorks Group. This project has $8.5 million dollars on its initial budget alone; VirtualWorks Group is a service provider that will help find data in whatever storage you parked them in the cloud.

The product is called Virtual Index Architecture (VIA); their first offering is scheduled to be released this summer. Although prior to its scheduled release, there are already 300 revenue-producing companies from Norway, Sweden and US that are using the platform as part of their pilot testing, which was earlier called InfoFinder that VirtualWorks bought in 2009. Iacobucci is fancying about this platform facing the giants in the category of enterprise software.

This platform works by collecting and virtualizing the data and indexing them in a single catalog, which is unlike the metadata.  It guarantees retrieving the correct file format from an SQL application, location, network, data storage and cloud.

VIA is described by its developers to be non-disruptive and is an integrated plug-and-play framework that leaves the data exactly where it is. This product hopes to improve employee productivity; in fact the IDC figured out in 2007 that IT employees spent 25% of their time searching for files and storage data, but still not finding them. But, with VirtualWorks, work will be more efficient with no one saying there is more data information.

The developers of VirtualWorks made pricing a very reasonable one; it does not have to be too expensive that consumers will stay away from using it. The company is hopeful that several developers will support it in its product launching and users will be guessing of its price until they are finally out in the market.

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