Top 10 Cloud Concerns – Study

The findings of a survey conducted jointly by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA show that government regulations, exit strategies and international data privacy dominate the top 10 areas where trust in the cloud is the lowest.

Studying Cloud Market Maturity conducted jointly between ISACA and CSA provides business leaders and IT knowledge on the maturity of cloud computing and help identify market changes. The report provides detailed information on the adoption of cloud services at all levels within global companies, including senior executives.

The study reveals that cloud users from 50 countries expressed the lowest level of confidence in the following (ranked from most reliable to least reliable):

  • Government regulations keeping pace with the market
  • Exit strategies
  • International data privacy
  • Legal issues
  • Contract lock in
  • Data ownership and custodian responsibilities
  • Longevity of suppliers
  • Integration of cloud with internal systems
  • Credibility of suppliers
  • Testing and assurance

One of the most interesting findings is that governance issues recur repeatedly on the list of the top 10 concerns. Cloud users recognize the value of this model, but are wrestling with such questions as data ownership, legal issues, contract lock-in, international data privacy and government regulations. As cloud services continue to evolve, it is critical that we work together as an industry to provide insights and recommendations on these issues so that service and solution providers can look to innovate and deliver what the cloud services market needs to advance and what enterprises need to succeed, Greg Grocholski, international president of ISACA says on the list of the top 10 cloud concerns.

While there are many positive indicators that support the planned adoption, use and perceived value of cloud services in the coming years, there is still much progress to involve and gain the support of business leaders.

When the 250 participants from 50 different countries were asked to press ahead with the cloud challenges, 85% identified themselves as cloud users and most said they jumped to the cloud because it was useful to their business, and not because of financial considerations. Nearly 24% were negative for the innovation capacity of the cloud market, ensuring no, or very limited levels within the sector, only half believed that a moderate level of innovation. About 33% were positive about the progress of the cloud in terms of products, services and business use. However, most believe that the cloud is in its infancy.

Both organizations agree that it is critical that the industry works together and generate a set of recommendations that will enable service providers to innovate and develop what the market needs. In that direction, CSA recently announced the creation of Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) improve the security, development of cloud systems that respond to the challenges of cloud development.

The report of the CSA and ISACA has published about the same time that the European Commission has announced a project of European certifications and contractual conditions on cloud safety and usage.

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