News Digest October 7, 2012

  • Top 10 Cloud Concerns – Study

    The findings of a survey conducted jointly by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA show that government regulations, exit strategies and international data privacy dominate the top 10 areas where trust in the cloud is the lowest.

    Studying Cloud Market Maturity conducted jointly between <a title=”Cloud Security Alliance Aims to Standardize the […]

  • HP Converged Infrastructure For Dummies – FREE eBook

    As you know, everything is mobile, connected, interactive, and immediate. This is exactly why organizations need a highly agile IT infrastructure in order to keep pace with extreme fluctuations in business demand. This book will help you understand why infrastructure convergence has been widely accepted as the optimal approach for simplifying and accelerating your […]

  • Europe Boosts its Strategy on Cloud Computing

    Having reaffirmed in June the need for structural reform of the digital economy, the EU executive last week presented its proposals to “Unlock the potential of cloud computing in Europe”. This is to encourage more governments and companies from all sectors to adopt solutions dedicated to cloud computing.

    Europe wants coordinated action in the […]

  • IBM Chases Amazon in Cloud Computing

    IBM is targeting a market where the technology giant is considered as a newcomer. A major change in a society that generally deals with the largest corporations and governments around the world, IBM will increase its efforts to sell the so-called cloud computing services to medium-sized companies. The company has lined up partners to […]

  • Hitachi Unveils Quartz Glass Storage that Stores Data Forever

    Hitachi has announced in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, a new technology capable of recording and reproducing digital data using quartz glass for hundreds of millions of years.

    Quartz glass has excellent heat resistance and water resistance and is extremely tough. From the fact that even when heated for two hours […]

  • Deep Dive on the Open Cloud

    The biggest problem that open source cloud must face these days is standardization, with the need for open formats and interfaces that can ensure agility and flexibility becoming more apparent as users and vendors of the cloud start to realize their importance.

    As per usual, the ball is in the court of the developers […]

  • Are You Ready To Move Disaster Recovery to the Cloud?

    Elasticity, scalability, rapid provisioning, and cost effective resource use are just some of the benefits of cloud computing. However, for disaster recovery, the most important benefit is that it is cost-effective. A business organization need not implement its own comprehensive disaster recovery plan. A […]

  • The State of Cloud Computing Around the World: China

    China is the newest country to see the massive potential of cloud computing, and the nation is now throwing its massive weight behind the cloud, with the country currently accounting for around 3% of the global cloud computing market share, estimated to be around $90 billion USD in 2011 alone. Their annual growth rate […]

  • Green Data Center Market Will Reach $45.4 Billion by 2016 – Pike Research

    The combination of higher energy prices, increased demand for computing capacity, environmental and economic pressure has made the development of energy-efficient data centers key to transforming the IT industry. According to a recent report from Pike Research, the global market for green data centers will grow from $17.1 billion in 2012 to $45.4 billion […]

  • News Digest September 30, 2012
    How To Counter Threats Of Cloud ComputingPhishing is a popular scam to bait internet users into providing private information. It usually acquires information for the purpose of identity theft. A “phisher” usually sends emails to various individuals and claims to be a legitimate entity. People are duped into providing their personal information, […]

  • MeriTalk Projects $16.6 Billion Cloud Saving for Federal Agencies

    Federal IT managers believe benefits of moving mission-critical applications to the cloud, but many of those apps require major re-structuring to modernize them for the cloud, according to the online community and go-to resource for government IT provider, MeriTalk, new report.

    According to the “Mission-Critical Cloud: Ready for the Heavy Lift?” report, […]

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