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  • 15 Cloud Computing Companies to Watch

    Cloud computing is spreading like wildfire. The number of enterprises moving their IT operations to the cloud is tremendously growing. Established vendors like Salesforce, Amazon and Google, including other startup firms that provide tools and services for cloud computing continues to increase and clamors for attention.

    In this emerging industry, here are the lists […]

  • JBoss Enterprise Data Grid Takes Cloud Computing To The Next Level

    With every passing day, the clout of cloud computing is increasing. Leaders in their own areas, new players come in and try to create a niche for themselves.  Redhat already announced a PaaS offering called openshift, and now with the release of Jboss Enterprise Data Grid 6, they have taken cloud integration to another […]

  • Application Performance Management in a Virtualized Environment – Whitepaper

    Compuware has worked extensively with VMware to provide extensive support for VMware environments within the Compuware Vantage Application Performance Management (APM) solution. Unlike most other APM solutions, Vantage provides application performance management in both physical and virtual environments, which means it can be used to provide a consistent APM environment throughout the migration of […]

  • HP Cloud Strategy Leaked On LinkedIn

    HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker recently announced that cloud computing is one of HP’s key initiatives and the company is aiming to be a public cloud giant.  Yesterday, one HP exec showed the company’s cloud hand in a LinkedIn update that gave details of where HP’s taking its public cloud play. The Register reported last […]

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