News Digest September 30, 2012

  • How To Counter Threats Of Cloud Computing

    Phishing is a popular scam to bait internet users into providing private information. It usually acquires information for the purpose of identity theft. A “phisher” usually sends emails to various individuals and claims to be a legitimate entity. People are duped into providing their personal information, mostly of financial nature, because they believe that […]

  • Chatterbox: Salesforce’s Answer to Dropbox

    Sharing and synchronizing files become decidedly fashionable function in software. After DropBox, Google, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, EMC, Apple and others, it is the turn of Salesforce to unveil a service for sharing and synchronizing files, called Chatterbox., the leader in enterprise cloud computing, unveils Chatterbox to show how a company can make […]

  • Software Security and Data Hosting Stocks On The Upswing

    At this time of financial uncertainty, investors want to search for a winner and it’s to be expected. They don’t want to part with their hard-earned money only to find themselves losing in the end. Most of them will troop to Amazon because it’s been touted as the number one bookseller, even beating Barnes […]

  • Oracle Enters Cloud Infrastructure Business

    On the sidelines of the quarterly results, Oracle CEO said the company would offer its public cloud during its OpenWorld event at the end of the month.

    Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, said a new IaaS platform would be unveiled at the upcoming OpenWorld conference. According to him, this service will provide customers […]

  • SMBs Bypassing Cloud Computing Services – MYOB Report

    Few small SMEs are taking advantage of cloud computing technology, but many who opt for the services have seen their revenues rise in the past year, a new study has found.

    The survey commissioned by business software provider MYOB found that 79 percent of SMEs are not using cloud technology, only 14 percent […]

  • NGOs are Adopting Cloud Computing but Knowledge is Barrier

    TechSoup in partnership with TechSoup Global Network conducted its 2012 Global Cloud Computing Survey among 10,500 nonprofits, charities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from 88 countries on the use of technology hosted in the cloud at nonprofit organizations.

    The objective of the survey was to determine the current state of the technological equipment of […]

  • The Cloud, Your Photos, and Your Children

    Pictures that capture special once-in-a-lifetime moments, especially ones about your children, are priceless and irreplaceable, which is why it’s important to find ways to preserve and keep backups in case you lose the originals.

    A lot of people use external hard drives and DVDs to back up photos, out of fear that the pictures […]

  • News Digest September 23, 2012
    Netflix’s Move to the Cloud and its RisksNetflix is one of the examples that public cloud based services will serve as the driving force in the transformation of in-house IT operations.

    Netflix has decided that they no longer need an on-premise datacenter to support their in-house corporate IT services, and have started […]

  • Featured Startup: Double Dutch

    Double Dutch is a new startup that develops mobile productivity software targeted towards business customers. They currently have 2 products released on the market; the CRM engagement app called Hive, and Flock, which is a white label platform that automates the creation of a social, branded app.

    Double Dutch was founded last […]

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