News Digest September 23, 2012

  • Netflix’s Move to the Cloud and its Risks

    Netflix is one of the examples that public cloud based services will serve as the driving force in the transformation of in-house IT operations.

    Netflix has decided that they no longer need an on-premise datacenter to support their in-house corporate IT services, and have started shifting internal applications to Amazon’s cloud, while also migrating […]

  • Big Data is Still a Pain for Enterprises – CompTIA Report

    The already huge amount of data generated by businesses, users and devices, has experienced explosive growth in the near future will require analysis for competitive advantage. The key to productivity will transform big data into business intelligence.

    The problem of big data is about to become relevant for large enterprises, and they need […]

  • New Cisco Solutions Aim to Secure Data Center Infrastructure

    Cisco announces new security solutions aimed at strengthening data centers against threats generated by consolidation and virtualization.

    The new Cisco security solutions help to strengthen the protection of data centers and mobile workforce. The new offering includes a highly scalable software firewalls for Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), a virtualized ASA firewall for multiuser […]

  •, Rackspace and Amazon Are Top Cloud Stocks

    For those individuals who want to invest in cloud computing stocks, the best advice you can have is to ensure that you have chosen the right company to invest in. Basically, you can do this by comparing the company with important statistics and financial objectives. Rackspace […]

  • Cloud Computing Companies Get Funding in France

    To promote cloud computing development, the French Government has invested its Caisse des Depots, France’s sovereign wealth fund, in 2 competing local cloud providers. Each of the 2 companies, Cloudwatt and Numergy, has a backer from the French IT industry and cellular phone industry. Both cloud providers promise to keep the applications and clients’ […]

  • Individual Cloud Subscriptions to Reach $500M by End of 2012

    According to IHS, an analyst firm, at the rate consumers are shifting to cloud computing services, the individual subscriptions for cloud storage can reach $500M by the end of 2012. It is also predicting that the rate of growth will be double digit for the next 5 years. IHS claims that the personal subscriptions […]

  • Planning Your IT Strategy for 2013

    There’s still four months left in the year but for companies, especially for the big ones, it’s time to start planning for next year. The IT strategy would need special attention for next year because of the rapid and technological leaps in the cloud in the last couple of years. The most important aspects […]

  • HP, Microsoft to Focus on Private Cloud Initiatives

    HP and Microsoft have announced integration of an agreement in the private cloud. HP and Microsoft continue their collaboration this time targeting desktop applications, virtualization, and messaging and collaboration tools, sales and support.

    Under the agreement, HP and Microsoft will offer private cloud solutions to help public companies to rapidly increase the number of […]

  • Cloud Dubbed Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Gets Early Partners

    Microsoft announced the worldwide availability of its Windows Server 2012 platform and comes full foot in the world of cloud computing.

    The new version is designed to redefine the server software and take it to the cloud computing model and incorporates technologies like storage management, networking, advanced virtualization functionality, process automation and management […]

  • Cisco Introduces New Cloud Security Solutions

    A few days ago, Cisco unveiled a set of security solutions designed to improve the robustness of data centers against the threats they constantly face while moving toward virtualized, more consolidated environments and allowing businesses to benefit from new cloud-based models.

    The new set of security solutions released by Cisco extend the power of […]

  • Cloud Services Expected to Reach $100 Billion

    According to a report recently published by the research firm IDC, global spending on public IT cloud services is expected to reach the $100 billion milestone in 2016 as a result of companies starting to migrate their operations to the cloud services model.

    The IDC made a note of defining public IT cloud services […]

  • News Digest September 16, 2012
    Join Us at Global Mobile Internet Conference: Silicon ValleySave the date! Great Wall Club is organizing the Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley (GMIC SV) this October 19-20.

    The Global Mobile Internet Conference is Asia’s most influential mobile internet conference. For the first time ever, the conference is coming to Silicon Valley.

    The event is themed “Connecting Global Innovators” […]

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