News Digest September 16, 2012

  • Join Us at Global Mobile Internet Conference: Silicon Valley

    Save the date! Great Wall Club is organizing the Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley (GMIC SV) this October 19-20.

    The Global Mobile Internet Conference is Asia’s most influential mobile internet conference. For the first time ever, the conference is coming to Silicon Valley.

    The event is themed “Connecting Global Innovators” and will gather leaders from some of the world’s most […]

  • China’s Baidu Wants a Piece of the Global Mobile Browser Market

    Baidu, China’s huge search engine, released its mobile browser early this month to directly compete with Apple, Google, and UCWeb. With this move, the company hopes to protect its mobile internet market share. In China alone, it is estimated that there are 388 million people who use their mobile phones to gain access […]

  • IBM Boosts Cloud Initiative with zEnterprise EC12 Mainframe Server

    Faced with declining sales for several large systems, IBM decided to advance the timing slightly to launch its new mainframes. The zEnterprise EC12 mainframe is designed for securing large volumes of transactions and data analysis ideal for cloud computing and big data.

    The mainframe zEC12 promises 25% better performance per core and 50% […]

  • Cloud Storage Subscriptions to See Triple Digit Growth

    The volume of cloud storage subscriptions services by companies will experience explosive growth globally, reaching 500 million this year, compared to 300 million subscriptions made in 2011, encouraging businesses of all sizes and business sectors to enter the market.

    This is indicated in a report by consultancy firm IHS iSuppli, which provides that […]

  • Microsoft Accelerates Cloud Development in China

    The U.S. software giant wants to strengthen its position in China considerably. In the next coming years, the developer of the Windows operating system announced the recruitment of some 1,000 people on the Chinese mainland as well as heavy investment in R&D in cloud based products.

    Cloud services that enable to move computing resources […]

  • How Amazon Web Services is Pioneering the Cloud

    The concept of cloud refers to the paperless computer hardware resources (cloud computing) and software (Software as a Service). This model tends technology strategically to win business. But it could reshape the IT landscape especially professional to lead to a new paradigm – thanks to the emergence of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    As a […]

  • Still Clueless About Cloud Computing?

    In a recent survey of 1,000 respondents by Silicon Valley software firm Citrix, results show that at least 50% of the respondents believe that cloud computing is affected by bad weather. Some respondents also believe that cloud computing is related to toilet paper, to drugs, or […]

  • ‘IBM Cloud’ Hosts Phillips Smart TV

    When IBM recently launched a cloud platform designed for consumer electronics, the first company to sign up is Phillips. Dubbed simply as IBM Cloud, IBM’s offering will power the Phillips smart TV platform for internet services, allowing the consumer electronics company to deliver interactive services to millions via their TV sets in […]

  • After Microsoft’s Yammer Acquisition: The Clock is Ticking for Google

    Google may be taking too long to build up their Google Apps ESN (Enterprise Social Networking) features at a time when it has turned into vital part of workplace collaboration suites.

    Google recently started taking steps to tailor their Google+ social networking site into one that Apps users can use to improve productivity and […]

  • Cloud Computing in Europe Lagging Behind

    In a new survey conducted by Business Software Alliance, a not-for-profit organization, the results showed that only 24% of the 4,000 respondents take advantage of cloud computing applications like online word processing and email services. The rate is about 10% less than the global […]

  • Join Us at GigaOm Mobilize – Special Discount Offer Available

    GigaOM’s Mobilize conference will explore the technical and business opportunities spurred by the proliferation of connected devices, apps and the way it shapes the way we work, play and live. At Mobilize you’ll learn how people and enterprises need to think as we enter a mobile-first world.

    REGISTER NOW and receive an exclusive 40% […]

  • Dell: King of Hardware in Post Hardware Era

    Michael Dell is not worried at all about the continuously resurfacing predictions of PC’s doom, stating that PC sales have actually increased by almost 300% since the term “post-PC” was coined back in 1999.

    Michael Dell was recently a speaker at a CEO […]

  • News Digest September 9, 2012
    Can Cloud Computing Stop Software Piracy?With the influx of software applications using the Software-as-a-Service model, experts claim that software piracy will eventually be eliminated. However, some pessimists are claiming that users will just find ways to circumvent everything so that they won’t pay for software use. The <a title=”BSA Study: Strong Cloud […]

  • Cloud Security Alliance Aims to Standardize the Safety of Cloud Computing

    The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the creation of a Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) Working Group in the EU chaired by the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), to seek solutions to improve the security, development of cloud systems that respond to the challenges of cloud development in Hong […]

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