News Digest September 9, 2012

  • Can Cloud Computing Stop Software Piracy?

    With the influx of software applications using the Software-as-a-Service model, experts claim that software piracy will eventually be eliminated. However, some pessimists are claiming that users will just find ways to circumvent everything so that they won’t pay for software use. The Business Software […]

  • SUSE Joins OpenStack Platform with Own Distribution Model

    The power of very big supporters of OpenStack has become more evident in recent weeks. In less than two years, the open source platform OpenStack cloud deployment drew the attention of the biggest players in the industry. Companies such as Rackspace, through its private cloud, already offer free OpenStack distribution. Others like […]

  • DataWeek 2012: The Largest San Francisco Data Conference!

    DataWeek 2012 Conference & Festival September 22nd – 27th in San Francisco is shaping up to be the largest SF-based data conference & festival including over 100 workshops and talks, an AngelHack Big Data hackathon,  SF Beta :: DataWeek Edition, and events throughout the week. Featured speakers include Jay Parikh, VP of Infrastructure at […]

  • OpenStack is Different From Linux

    OpenStack just recently released its third distribution. With the release, some people are experiencing déjà vu because they see some similarity with Linux’s early days. Piston Cloud Computing released the latest OpenStack version as it also […]

  • Amazon’s Glacier Says Goodbye To Tape Storage

    Amazon Web Services has done it again! A recognized trailblazer in cloud computing, it introduced Glacier, an inexpensive cloud-based and long term way to archive data. With this move, expect various cloud service providers to follow suit. However, experts believe that Glacier’s biggest competitor is not the other cloud-based archive systems but the old […]

  • Copyright Infringement could Twinge Cloud Computing

    The digital economy is experiencing rapid growth driven by broadband penetration; parallel computing power and storage capacity continue to grow. These developments contribute to the emergence of global markets content for the benefit of rights holders, but also create a new threat – copyright, which could seriously harm the creative industries.

    The intellectual property […]

  • HP’s Big Turn Around

    Hewlett-Packard has been around for 73 years, and as expected from such a long term, it has seen bad quarters in terms of revenue. But the most recent loss, which is estimated to be $8.9 Billion USD, is by far the largest the company has seen in its entire life. Surprisingly, there was very […]

  • Will AI Startup Vicarious Revolutionize the Industry?

    AI research start-up Vicarious has recently announced that they have managed to solicit $15 million in funding through a Series A round led by Good Ventures, which is founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. The additional funding increases Vicarious’ net worth at more than $100 million.

    Moskovitz is confident that the technology currently being […]

  • Facebook’s Big Data: New Concept in Data Management

    Every day there are more and more companies that handle untold amounts of information, where we talk about petabytes. If we add the management of data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then the concept of Big Data comes into picture.

    Facebook revealed some big, big stats on big data to a […]

  • News Digest September 2, 2012
    SpiderOak and the Blue Private CloudOnline storage provider SpiderOak has recently started offering enterprises a way to use their cloud sync, backup, and sharing service from behind the safety of a firewall via an enterprise-targeted service dubbed the Blue Private Cloud.

    SpiderOak originally launched in 2007 as a clout storage provider for consumers, […]

  • Mobile Cloud Strategy Revealed

    As it is very sensible to use a private cloud environment for management, security, and other aspects of mobile applications, it can be expected that mobile devices will soon be the driving force in cloud computing, and vice versa. However, getting to that point […]

  • VMware Supports OpenStack and Focuses on Private Cloud

    At recent VMworld conference, VMware announced pushing deeper into private cloud computing, with their approach centering on a package of their core data center virtualization products integrated with vCloud Director. They dubbed this new combination as “vCloud Suite.”

    VMware CEO Paul Maritz recalls that they […]

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