News Digest September 2, 2012

  • SpiderOak and the Blue Private Cloud

    Online storage provider SpiderOak has recently started offering enterprises a way to use their cloud sync, backup, and sharing service from behind the safety of a firewall via an enterprise-targeted service dubbed the Blue Private Cloud.

    SpiderOak originally launched in 2007 as a clout storage provider for consumers, in the same year as their competitor […]

  • Open Data Makes Enterprises Richer – Gartner Report

    The explosive growth of the Internet has changed everything. Whether companies liked it or not, they found themselves working online and racking up huge amounts of data about customers and their behavior.

    These days, the Internet giants do business with the information they collect about users and the knowledge obtained from the extraction. These […]

  • Rackspace Launches Tool to Monitor the Health of Clouds

    Rackspace has launched a new cloud tool designed for businesses to verify the proper operation of the technology infrastructure from anywhere. Rackspace Cloud Monitoring has just seen the light to help any company in the process of monitoring the health of their infrastructure in the cloud. The technology comes from the acquisition of […]

  • US Army Consideres Tactical Cloud Computing

    The US Army, through its “Command and Control Applications For The Decisive Edge” announcement, is currently applying tactical cloud computing for its war fighters to have crucial intelligence, and command and control services access while on the battlefield. Various military gadgets with different link […]

  • Public Cloud: Free Trials from Rackspace and VMware

    To entice more customers to try their public clouds, Rackspace and VMware are now offering cloud computing trials either at a very low cost or for free. Rackspace and Red Hat are both offering a free version of their OpenStack’s private clouds. […]

  • Gartner: The Future of Big Data

    A big data bandwagon is in town and a lot of popular business enterprises are jumping in. In fact, even start-up companies are enticed to join. These businesses are encouraged to join the bandwagon because its primary come-ons are intelligence and insights. A company manager can tap big data information so that his company […]

  • 2011: $6.9 Billion Invested in Cloud Startups

    If you think there’s already way too many *aaSes in the market, you should be prepared because there’s more on the way. Venture capitalists are currently enamored with cloud based startups, and are investing heavily in the cloud computing industry, so new services will be coming their […]

  • Comparing TOS of Microsoft, Google, Box, Dropbox: Massive Differences

    The big name Cloud storage providers, such as Google Drive, SugarSync, and Dropbox are currently changing how consumers deal with content, and they’re changing it quicker than users are used to. But it’s not a negative change, as the ability to access their files from any internet capable device allows them to be more […]

  • Application Delivery Networking in the Cloud

    Application delivery networking has its roots in simple load balancing, but has evolved considerably over the last decade. The first evolution was the integrated traffic management appliance, combining load balancing with additional networking functions such as SSL acceleration, compression, caching, TCP offload, connection multiplexing and Web firewalls to improve the performance, availability and security […]

  • Cloud Startup Watch: New, Hot Companies in 2012

    This year is shaping up to be the year of the cloud, as cloud innovators emerged this year with a number of new products and services, while investors showed their support by investing in these new improvements to cloud computing. From […]

  • News Digest August 26, 2012
    DNA: The Future of Big Data StorageScientists at Harvard University have shown that a single DNA molecule can be written 643 KB of data, which means that one cubic millimeter of DNA can store 5.5 petabit, or about 70 billion books, and four grams of DNA may contain all the information created […]

  • It’s All About Big Data

    It’s been five years since the stealthy consumer-centric travel startup Hopper started development, but now it has finally managed to take another huge step as it manages to secure $12 million during its Series B round of funding for its Boston Team. OMERS Ventures, which is currently an investor for Hootsuite, Wave Accounting, and […]

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