News Digest August 26, 2012

  • DNA: The Future of Big Data Storage

    Scientists at Harvard University have shown that a single DNA molecule can be written 643 KB of data, which means that one cubic millimeter of DNA can store 5.5 petabit, or about 70 billion books, and four grams of DNA may contain all the information created by mankind for the year, i.e. about 1.8 […]

  • Challenges in Cloud Computing: Service Admin, APIs and Security

    Business organizations are increasingly moving towards the cloud. However, there are still some obstacles to its widespread acceptance and ongoing development. While many are happy about how things are evolving in the cloud, there are also some missing pieces that must be taken into consideration.

    For one, service administration is still far from being […]

  • Steve Wozniak: Cloud Computing is Facing Horrendous Problems

    Just recently, Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, took center stage when he said that cloud computing is facing “horrendous” problems. Mat Honan from Wired magazine also made startling revelations that Amazon and Apple’s customer service departments have been hacked which resulted to compromising his […]

  • IDC: Local Governments Need to Catch up on Cloud Computing

    According to a recent IDC research, the segments of the government sector that are least enthusiastic about cloud computing are the local governments, which is ironic at best as they are the ones who stand to benefit the most from a shared-resource model compared to on-premises IT.

    Based on the research, which surveyed over […]

  • Google Goes Hollywood

    In a very controversial move, Google has recently demoted the search engine result positions of sites that are accused of copyright infringement cases, which garnered praise from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) but earned the ire of many Internet freedom advocates as it raises concerns about fairness and the right of the […]

  • Forrester Report: The ROI of Cloud Apps

    Cloud applications continue to gain momentum in enterprise applications as buyers are attracted to fast deployment speeds, low upfront costs, and ongoing flexibility to scale up or down as needs change. But as firms spend more and more of their closely guarded IT dollars on cloud applications,  sourcing executives must scrutinize the long-term value […]

  • The Love and Hate of OpenStack

    OpenStack is currently riding high on a momentum built up by Rackspace’s recent decision to rebrand themselves around the open source cloud project, along with long-running auction site eBay coming out and admitting that they are using the technology, but it’s not completely smooth sailing for Openstack, as there are still a number of […]

  • Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing: SaaS Most Promising Technology

    Gartner has released a special annual report of the Hype Cycle, representing an annual assessment of maturity of more than 1,900 technologies and trends in information security and IT. Gartner Hype Cycle for cloud computing 2012 model helps companies understand the perspective of further development of technologies and their market demand.

    Gartner Hype […]

  • 50% of Enterprises Operate Sensitive Data in the Cloud – Ponemon Study

    The Ponemon Institute published a study on the global use of encryption of sensitive data by users in the cloud. Beyond the results, the document also provides an interesting perspective on the perception of cloud and security by companies from different countries.

    The study conducted by Ponemon Institute in association with computer security specialist […]

  • Focus on Open Cloud: Rackspace Introduces New Logo And Rebranding

    With OpenStack almost finished, Rackspace has taken its own initiative to rebrand itself in order to put emphasis on open cloud. Although it is keeping its Rackspace Hosting name, there’s going to be a new logo as it moves to offer open cloud computing. […]

  • News Digest August 19, 2012
    Trouble Ahead For Cloud Computing StocksGroupon, Facebook, and Zynga are currently having difficulties since their initial public offerings. Their losses can go as much as 70%. Currently, public cloud computing companies are not affected. This is primarily because companies like NetSuite and <a title=”Intel Joins […]

  • Is Google Fiber Ready For The Market?

    Google recently provided details of their planned Google Fiber rollout in Kansas, and while a lot of tech news sites and blogs treated the event as the equivalent of heaven itself opening its doors to sinners and believers alike, the truth is that we shouldn’t be TOO excited at the blazing fast Internet and […]

  • Future Barriers to Cloud Adoption

    Cloud computing could be described as evolutionary outgrowth of previous computational approaches, based on both existing technologies and new technologies. Although the cloud presents new opportunities around the sharing of resources, the relative newness of the model does not clearly overcome some of the barriers, which will need to be addressed before it becomes […]

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