News Digest August 19, 2012

  • Trouble Ahead For Cloud Computing Stocks

    Groupon, Facebook, and Zynga are currently having difficulties since their initial public offerings. Their losses can go as much as 70%. Currently, public cloud computing companies are not affected. This is primarily because companies like NetSuite and <a title=”Intel Joins to Launch Cloud-Based Identity Solution” href=”http://” […]

  • Cloud Computing: Moving To Open Source

    With more and more organizations moving towards the clouds for its customization, flexibility, and agility, sad to say, large cloud computing providers are not that keen to tap the open environment because doing so will be have negative effects to their financial interests. Since Linux started some 20 years ago, there is a growing […]

  • The Cloud Migration Hidden Costs

    According to the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, the return on investment of cloud computing may not be able to meet expectations due to hidden costs.

    In its white paper “Calculating Cloud ROI: From the Customer Perspective”, there are 5 hidden costs which everyone […]

  • Teambox: Joining a Crowded Space

    Teambox is a cloud-based platform that offers a wide variety of tools meant for collaboration, filesharing, and task management. One of Teambox’s notable strengths is its support for the integration of 3rd party applications, and recently they have made some improvements on said modularity by offering the capability to integrate their core service with […]

  • Is Outsourcing-as-a-Service the Future?

    Over the past few months, the popularity and growth of cloud services has increased exponentially as consumers start to realize that the cloud is their only solution to their ever-increasing demand for both computing power and storage space. Companies, therefore, need to prioritize new cloud-based service offerings in order to take advantage of consumers’ […]

  • SAP Exceeds Growth Expectations

    SAP recently confirmed the impressive preliminary Q2 financial results they released earlier this month. In a recent conference call with analysts, CEOs Jim Hagemann-Snabe and Bill McDermott provided key details on the performance of their company and shared some insights about their biggest rival, Oracle.

    With regards to SAP’s Q2 performance, McDermott stated that […]

  • Protecting your Website with Cloud-based Security Services

    Recent research reviewing small- to medium-size website traffic revealed that 51% of web site traffic is non-human, and that 31% is potentially damaging – automated malicious traffic from hackers, spies, scrapers, and spammers.

    Given these numbers, no one wants to leave a website’s “front door” open. Website owners work hard to attract […]

  • A Sneak Preview of Cloud Computing in 2020

    Because cloud computing is still in its early state, we can expect a few organizations taking advantage of being the first ones to take advantage of it. However, it is expected that by 2020 a lot of organizations are already in the clouds. Since is just around the corner, Forrester, an analyst group, says […]

  • MicroStrategy is Advancing on Big Data and Data Visualization

    MicroStrategy 9.3 is slated for release this quarter, and it seems that the vital upgrades it provides are all centered on the visualization module Visual Insight, which was already introduced a year ago. Data visualization is one of the driving forces in the BI (business intelligence) market because of it opens the market even […]

  • Cloud is HR’s Best New Friend

    SAP’s yearly event for their partners and customers, called Sapphire, served as the launching point for SuccessFactors as a SAP company. SAP has created a new division called Cloud Computing, with SuccessFactors CEO and founder Lars Dalgaard helming the division, overseeing its 5000 employee-strong team, all of which are assigned to help SAP’s cloud […]

  • Microsoft is Mixing Social and SaaS

    Microsoft’s MS Office Suite is one of the oldest and most used software in the industry. Many of us spend our days in front of the suite, even people who don’t work in an office still has a use for at least Microsoft Word.

    Last May, Microsoft provided industry people with a sneak peek […]

  • News Digest August 12, 2012
    Why Google and Amazon Don’t Offer Private Cloud ServicesThe term cloud computing immediately evokes services that high profile companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Rackspace or offer to their customers. This is what we call the public cloud, allowing you to rent computing capacity and storage, and an ever-expanding range […]

  • Cloud is Changing the Software Distribution Channel Model

    Software distribution channels are the real point of customer contact. It is through the distribution channel system as each organization reaches the customer, meet their needs and gather vital information that can be used to manage customer relationships.

    Customers are increasingly demanding the availability of a wide and varied range of channels. Most expect […]

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