News Digest August 12, 2012

  • Why Google and Amazon Don’t Offer Private Cloud Services

    The term cloud computing immediately evokes services that high profile companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Rackspace or offer to their customers. This is what we call the public cloud, allowing you to rent computing capacity and storage, and an ever-expanding range of services and business applications. Prices are attractive and services […]

  • Rackspace Offers New Cloud Services Based on OpenStack

    After a trial period of four months, Rackspace has just introduced its Open Cloud platform based on OpenStack, which could be defined something like a cloud version of Linux, a project that Rackspace has worked for the past two years.

    The project OpenStack was launched about two years ago to develop an open architecture […]

  • Taiwan is Emerging as the Center of Cloud Computing

    Ad by BOFT

    According to Forrester Research, the global cloud computing market will grow from $40.7 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020. The global research firm, IDC, predicts that cloud computing will generate nearly 14 million jobs globally by 2015.

    Cloud computing is flourishing in Taiwan, where an US$800 million, 5-year government […]

  • Large Hedge Funds Find a New Home in the Cloud

    By Chris Grandi, CEO, Abacus Group

    We’ve entered the next phase of the age-old “buy vs. build” debate. Owning and operating on-site IT resources comes with a heavy cost, leading many investment managers to evaluate cloud-based IT solutions for their businesses. Security, privacy and application performance concerns that once plagued cloud providers have been alleviated, […]

  • Google Wallet Moves to Cloud, Focuses on Security

    The new version of Google Wallet, based on the cloud, is updated to assure its customers get greater security in their transactions and purchases and provide compatibility with all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

    Security has been the key to this new version of NFC-enabled mobile payment […]

  • CloudTimes Announces Media Sponsorship for GigaOM Mobilize and Structure Europe

    CloudTimes is proud to announce its continuous media partnership with GigaOM. The media company GigaOM has been organizing an impressive series of events around cloud computing, big data and mobile technologies. CloudTimes has been a sponsor since 2011 for events such as: Structure:Data in New York, Mobilize 2011, Structure 2011 and Structure […]

  • Dell’s Quest to Become a Complete Business Intelligence Vendor

    Dell has recently made some steps towards growing out of their hardware supplier status and becoming a complete business intelligence vendor, via a move that sees their software that has the ability to aggregate and organize data being bundled with Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 database on an appliance.

    Dubbed The Dell Quickstart Data […]

  • Google CIO: Cloud Will Dictate Business Processes

    Google’s CIO Ben Fried said the cloud is slowly dictating how small businesses are going to grow and whether or not they can transition to become a big company. Speaking at the Bloomberg Link Enterprise Technology Summit, he said that it is a difficult idea to wrap one’s head around but it doesn’t make […]

  • News Digest August 5, 2012
    Microsoft’s First LossMicrosoft recently reported a $492 million loss for its 4th quarter ending June 30. The loss is inclusive of a previously announced $6.19 billion write down for its ailing online services division. This loss is considered as Microsoft’s first ever loss as a public company in its 26 year history.


  • Rackspace Developers Move To Nebula

    Seven of Rackspace’s OpenStack developers have moved to Nebula. According to Chris Kemp, Nebula CEO and Founder, the migration of these personnel is just a “getting them back together” as he and most of the group members have worked together in the <a […]

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