News Digest August 5, 2012

  • Microsoft’s First Loss

    Microsoft recently reported a $492 million loss for its 4th quarter ending June 30. The loss is inclusive of a previously announced $6.19 billion write down for its ailing online services division. This loss is considered as Microsoft’s first ever loss as a public company in its 26 year history.

    Microsoft’s online services division’s […]

  • Big Data: Massive Impact on Enterprises – Study

    The future evolution of big data to collect and analyze massive sets of information could lead to ground-breaking changes in business, political, and social enterprises, but at the same time could bring potential drawbacks.

    A new Pew Internet/Elon University survey of 1,021 Internet experts, observers, research scientists and stakeholders found 53 percent […]

  • CompTIA Survey: Companies Now Prefer Employees With Cloud Computing Skills

    Due to the rise in popularity of cloud computing among businesses and organizations, access to computing resources has become broader and faster. This kind of movement also means job description changes and a need to reconsider the working relationships between business firms and vendors. CompTIA released a new study it conducted on 400 IT […]

  • Humanizing the Cloud

    by: Ken Stephens, Xerox Senior Vice President of Cloud Services

    It’s easy to get lost in the business of cloud and enterprise data management, even for this audience. We get so focused on the technological aspects of making the cloud work for our clients that we may not consider the real-life impact it makes on us […]

  • Google Builds Cloud Platform Partner Program

    Google has just announced the launch of a partner program that aims to help providers to use and market cloud services from Google and accelerate the commercialization cloud services.

    The program called Google Cloud Platform Partner Program, will provide “our partners the tools, training and resources needed to successfully address technological projects” noted […]

  • Cloud Ready Microsoft Office 2013 – Can it Still Dominate?

    Microsoft has officially unveiled a preliminary version of office suite, Office 2013, which is schedule for release this autumn. The new Office has implemented support for new operating system Windows 8, touch base sensor interfaces, as well as SkyDrive cloud services.

    Microsoft Office, the next version of its Office software has been developed to […]

  • BSA Study: Strong Cloud Adoption in Emerging Markets

    Cloud computing and cloud services are growing exponentially in different countries and no longer consider as a trend but a necessity. Research firm Gartner recently published a report that said more than one third of all digital data will be stored in the cloud by 2016.

    The U.S. is the fourth most friendly […]

  • Google Reports Slowest Growth of Revenues Since ’09

    Google’s earnings for the 2nd quarter may have improved enough to meet the target set down by analysts but their revenue has actually gone down. It was last Thursday when the announced performance of the Search and IT Giant were enough to allay the fears of investors, fears that actually caused Google’s stock to […]

  • Apple is Expanding its Cloud Activities

    Apple is currently expanding its already vast empire with the construction of a new smaller data center that will sit right next to its massive iCloud data center in Maiden, North Carolina. The new smaller server farm will be a 20,030 square foot, 11-room data center that […]

  • Oracle: Big Data Yet to Generate Big Revenues for Enterprises

    Business leaders are serious about delivering Big Data information to the right set of people and are accumulating both structured and unstructured data at unprecedented rates, but are falling short on turning data into revenue.

    According to research report from Oracle – “From Overload to Impact: An Industry Scorecard on Big Data Business […]

  • News Digest July 29, 2012
    Dell is Facing Challenges in the CloudThe schedule announced last year by Dell regarding their plans to launch Cloud-based app services was deemed too aggressive by experts, and right now it looks like said experts were right, as Dell is encountering unexpected delays with […]

  • Google Would Rather Build Than Buy

    Google’s corporate IT department emancipates itself from the corporate practice of purchasing proprietary technology from other companies by instead building their management software through in-house means or adopting an open source software package. While they are not completely straying away from proprietary software, it is usually considered as a last option.

    According to Google […]

  • Cloud Technology to Help Solve the Education Sector

    Over the past few decades, a lot of things have changed when it comes to how we use mobile and online technology in order to communicate and interact with each other. Whether for the purpose of keeping up to date on current events, or […]

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